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"If at times my comments seem annoying or offensive, at least consider the possibility that I am really just being playful." That is what Marshall Lewis tells about himself in his profile. Ditto!


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Peg Kaplan's bidding problem: Qx AJTx KJxx Kxx
Sorry for reacting so late. I just wanted to say, that it would be nice if I was allowed to respond 2, with the hand that Peg gave us, KJxx x AQxxx Axx. To show my suits in the right order, when I'm strong, sounds like a workable ...
"You got it wrong."
David, why on earth do you agree to play with your dominant, and clearly injudicious, lovely wife? You act like a Crash Test Dummy. For me, your condition seems to be like some kind of a reversed Stockholm Syndrome. Edit: Sorry if my clumsy jokes didn't travel so well ...
Grosvenor Gambit & Frederick B. Turner
My grumpy old cousin Leif contacted me. He is a wise man, so I usually try to follow his advice. I have translated his email for you. Sorry if I made a few mistakes. : Hi Pucko, be cautious when you post a link. Publication right is an important thing (even ...
Grosvenor Gambit & Frederick B. Turner
I wondered why the word Gambit was used, so I googled again. This time "Turner chess". One Wikipedia page that I found enjoyable to read, was the one about the blitz chess hustler Abe Turner. Maybe our Frederick B. Turner knew about Abe, and got the inspiration for the GG-article ...
Grosvenor Gambit & Frederick B. Turner
I've read it before, and I'll read it again, I thought when I saw the headline. Googled "Grosvenor Gambit". Got to its Wikipedia page. References. Click. Aha, that's where it was. On Bridgebum.
Ethymology of "canapé" in Bridge?
Saw David's post. Any Swedish multitalented bridge players? One of them sticks out. Rudolf "Putte" Kock (1901-79), was voted the best left winger of the tournament, in the 1924 Summer Olympics. I wonder if he really put his into ice hockey, but at least he scored 5 goals ...
Ethymology of "canapé" in Bridge?
I have misspelled that word myself. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the more used word "ethics" is "etik" in Swedish. By the way, we Swedes think of ourselves as the Olympic Champions In Ethics. If I had written the article, the misspelling would have had ...
Spingold Chances Rd.64- part 1
I agree that it is more probable that Garozzo has a junior moment, than a senior one. An alternative to your suggestion of playing, might be to play to the A in the second trick, and then a from dummy. Not sure if that is better. Or worse ...
Plan the play
Not knowing the best plan, I thought I'd just begin to write. Perhaps it will come to me. Or to somebody else. Once I read an article by the father of the Rimstedt clan. Don't remember much, but the message was that you should always think about the ...
TEAM BLASS Wins Spingold
Childish as I am, I would have liked to edit the latter part. Begin with ”Fishy, on the…”, and end with ”…join them. Become a Pepsi Co Squid Pro.” But maybe this instead of that would only have made it worse.
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