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Joakim Nordlindh
Joakim Nordlindh
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Basic Information

Member Since
Oct. 5, 2017
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4 hours ago
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Bridge Player

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
7 club bid and made on 4-3 as only pair out of 250
Bridge Accomplishments
2017 Swedish Cup Champion
Favorite Tournaments
One that both players know
Favorite Conventions
Häxan (gazilli)
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Hoffman v Coles - The Psych from Brd 19 Women's QF8 of 8 - 8/12/19 Australia
Pass is a bid that is allowed in all parts of the bidding. (Unless UI)
Bad slam
I wouldnt mind beeing in this slam. On a club lead u might even take all the tricks
What is the proper announcement?
"15-17 or 18 with 4333"
Dealing with Fair Disclosure when a tad grey
"Hence, a) either the 3♠ bid IS natural or b) the 3♠ bid is artificial and North has failed to alert/disclose." So you are supposed to alert bids that you have no agreement AND dont know the meaning of. As is very clear in this case, there was no ...
Follow-up after a reopening
I assumed the meaning of fit-showing was that it show support in partner suit AND the bid suit.
Grand slam call after partners huddle.
4H show club control, rly?
Opening and Rebid with a 15-17 NT
Does the 2 rebid promise 6 cards in american standard? The "book bid" where i come from is that 2 unbal/semi-balanced hand with 5+
Opinion Poll on Adequacy of Simplest Multi 2D Defenses
Could someone explain to me what the big deal with Multi is. I'm from sweden where Multi is allowed at all levels and i face it pretty often and i have never had any problems even though i have pretty much no agreements other then general principels.
Keycard response with ten trump
You must show Q with 6 or you will be playing in 6H when p have something like xxx AKxx KQJxx Ax.
Disappointing Responses to Bidding Problem-Posted on 8/12
this is why u play 20-21 in 2C and this hand bid 2NT showing 6+D and p can sign-off in 3D with bad honors

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