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JoAnn Sprung
JoAnn Sprung
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Basic Information

Member Since
Oct. 18, 2010
Last Seen
15 hours ago
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Bridge Pro

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning Mixed Pairs with Danny, my favorite partner in bridge and life.
Bridge Accomplishments
Winner -World Mixed Teams, numerous national championships, Gold, Silver and Bronze world medalist
Regular Bridge Partners
Danny Sprung
Favorite Conventions
Good bad 2NT, Baron, Transfers over 1 Club
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Grand Life Master
Danny and JoAnn Sprung Multi
2 over 1 - Transfers over 1!c Opening - 1!d unbalanced
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Janet Robertson - JoAnn Sprung
2 over 1
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Danny and JoAnn Sprung Non Multi
2 over 1 - Transfers over 1!c Opening 1!d unbalanced
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Betty Ann Kennedy - JoAnn Sprung
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Sue Weinstein
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Ken - JoAnn
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Mike Lucas
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Connie Multi
2 over 1 with Multi
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Honolulu BRP 7NT Lead Discussion
@Peg - "My horror stories (both personal and from others) IMHO exceed most of the committee horror stories". Perhaps Peg but that, per your own admission, is a personal and word of mouth perspective. I still contend that an assessment of all the cases would find very little difference in the ...
Honolulu BRP 7NT Lead Discussion
Mel - "I would feel much better about the outcome of this had there been a committee of top experts involved, who would subsequently issue a report about their reasoning." Before you wax too nostalgic about the concept of a committee of experts... A few points to consider - Most top experts ...
this has to stop.
Marty I wish your view was reality. I have always been a booster for recorder forms. Perhaps Eric's report would carry more weight but in my experience the person submitting the form gets put in the hot seat. I submitted forms from a recent tournament on two different pairs ...
this has to stop.
Last year I walked into the room where they were setting up for the finals of the LM pairs. The tables were very close together while there was a lot of room between sections. The crowding of the tables was alarming . I tracked down the ACBL employee doing the setup ...
Zonal Governance Proposals
@ Ed - "In my view, you can't have a "real life" in Las Vegas :)" Ed I understand your view but I suspect you have never experienced life in Vegas as a resident. Locals almost never go to the strip and I assure you it's a real life. Horn Lake ...
Zonal Governance Proposals
"cities like Chicago and Dallas and Miami have suburbs that aren't terribly expensive" There is a ton of vacant office space in Las Vegas. It's pretty cheap to live there as long as you stay out of the casinos.
Zonal Governance Proposals
I agree that the BOG membership representative organization is under utilized. As a member of the BOG I would like to see us used to offload many of the non-strategic BOD functions. For example we could have a subcommittees to deal with master point awards, events, NABC/tournament support, software ...
Zonal Governance Proposals
@Randy - "I would hope the new BOD gets rid of units and maybe even district structure" Respectfully Randy I completely disagree. When you think about it the Units and Districts do their functions really well. They serve the local players, run local event and tournaments. Rarely do we hear complaints ...
Zonal Governance Proposals
@Don - we already have a Unit and District structure to meet local needs. Those structures are in place. Why can't they be the advocate to the board for local issues? How many layers of geographic representation do we really need?
Zonal Governance Proposals
@David - "I am a Denver unit member. If I have a problem, I know I can talk to Margaret, our unit president. Margaret can talk to Bonnie, our district board member. Bonnie could talk to our zonal representative. And perhaps it goes to the board. I feel as if my ...

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