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JoAnna Stansby
JoAnna Stansby
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June 25, 2010
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April 19
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JoAnna Stansby - Lew Stansby
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Guy - JoAnna
[color=blue]Transfer responses to 1!C, 5-card Majors, 2/1 FG[/color]
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P.Granovetter - J.Stansby
GUS: Strong Club, 1!D=0+!D, 1M=5+ almost never 5332, Relays
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Washington Standard: 5-card Majors, 2/1 GF
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Fantunes:1!D/1M 15+; 1!C 10-14 catchall; 2!C/!D/!H/!S 1/2 10+-14; 3/4 0-14
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Dunitz - Stansby
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Life Ban Deserved?
Josh makes a valid point. For whatever reason(s) the BW admin didn't give me a real answer when I wrote them and asked the question about why Dean was banned (at least I am hoping this wasn't the real answer).
Life Ban Deserved?
We now have an Intermediate Forum, so hopefully those who post bidding problems in the open Forum will no longer take offense at comments of this type
Life Ban Deserved?
I was wondering the same Ken. I wrote to BW admin and got this reply (copy and paste from the email): Dean Pokorny wrote: West's 1♦ opening was very inexperienced. If this isn't a 3rd seat vul vs. nonvul. 3♦ opening, then such opening doesn't exist at ...
English tribunal rules "Bridge is a game, not a sport"
I'd be interested in knowing what definition the English tribunal uses for the word “sport”. Should the International Mind Sports Association change its name to International Mind Games Association?
Silencing Gabrielle Sherman
[quote]Eugene Hung has written that it was not about anything specific she said.[/quote] Scary. "Thought police" are not acceptable to me.
Fisher & Schwartz Defense (Press Release)
Let's say the defense attorney calls Fantoni and Nunes as his expert witnesses. He will be able to make a case for conspiracy theory to oust the 2 most successful pairs from the game.
Fisher & Schwartz Defense (Press Release)
[quote]The press releases he is producing are particularly unconvincing to serious bridge players so is there another target audience?/[/quote] maybe the jury/judge in the civil trial that will ensue if IBF finds them guilty
Silencing Gabrielle Sherman
I wanted to generate discussion/comparison on the merits of blocking someone writing on just one thread (easy enough for blocked person to go start another thread either on this site or elsewhere) and blocking someone on multiple threads (or the entire website). Both Peg and Jonathan listed a few ...
Silencing Gabrielle Sherman
I'd like to see an improvement on BW where the originator of a thread can barr specific people from commenting in that thread.
Degrees of Cheating
[quote="Michael Kamil wrote"]Geez - I wonder how many crap censorship issues you have to have here at BW before you realize censorship is not debatable. Just evil.[/quote] Ray, I read this as MK saying BW policy is to censor some posts and he also has the opinion censorship ...

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