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João Barbosa
João Barbosa
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March 21, 2015
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June 1
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Claim ruling poll
I think that Debbie is biased when she says the suit needs to be unblocked. In this case it doesn't need to be unblocked because it is not blocked. If we define a blocked suit by a suit that cannot unblock itself, like AK Qxx then that's not ...
Claim ruling poll
A blocked suit cannot unblock itself, a side suit is needed as entry or discard, if that is the case a complete explanation is required. In the original problem the suit ia not blocked and only a big blunder would block it. Declarers that claim cannot be forced to make ...
Claim ruling poll
Declarer should not be forced to block a suit that is originally not blocked. If the suit was blocked with AQ87 K6543 the unblock must be mentioned, but in the original band assuming that declarer will misplay his spots to block the suit goes against the claim logic where it ...
Ruling from the Junior Trials
Most people assume that failure to announce constitutes misinformarion, in my opinion it does not. If W had access to a convention card and also could have asked and didn't, failure to announce does not constitute misinformation. At most it is a procedural fault punished independently of any adjudtments ...
How would you rule?
Both explanations are a hint that this sequence is undiscussed. The willingness of East to play at the 5 level is a strong indication of shortness in the undefended suit, with short spades he could have doubled or bid 3nt. If south had the information that it was undiscussed he ...
João Barbosa's bidding problem: T963 AJ8652 A2 7
Partner's hand: AJxxx Qx x KQxxx
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