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João Faria
João Faria
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March 22, 2012
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Oct. 22
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bridge player

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Miss Manners
Clear cut as a diamond, as usual.
GAWRYS Wins Spingold
This must have some meaning that I'm missing...
checking the odds
With my reg partner, after 2, 2 shows a very strong support either in or in , conventional sequences follow. The idea can´t be that bad, since it's coming from Meckwell. Me and my p worked on it :) I explain bellow what happened in real ...
checking the odds
I'm trying to present a blend between what happened and how I would bid with my reg partner. With my reg partner I would really colect less info. Playing with a casual partner I got 2nt after opening 1. could bid some but tried to know about ...
João Faria's lead problem: KJ632 KQ93 T 854
Ok. End of story. I doubled on the idea I never made a more clear lightner double. I had the A and an obvious, I thought, void... Leading the K resulted in 6 x +1 :(
João Faria's lead problem: KJ632 KQ93 T 854
To tell the truth I thought this was a really non-problem, problem :) By the split of the answers I'm not so sure now...
João Faria's lead problem: KJ632 KQ93 T 854
Lead was really crucial to defeat the slam ...
DIAMOND Wins Spingold
Congrats for a great show and a fantastic result! Still wondering about the thrilling last board. There must be a diference between Bilde direct double of 3 and the OR pass. Duboin decided not to "take risks" and bid a "safe" 4 Going for the kill in a ...
Ben Kristensen's bidding problem: AK6 632 AJ7654 A
What's wrong with 1 bid?
João Faria's bidding problem: AKQ64 T92 76542 ---
Just to close this nice help I got from all of you. I really get excited when there is some slam inv in a suit where I have AKQxx In this case it could be only game inv But if it was slam inv, I was almost sure the grand ...

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