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Jodi Tutty
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June 3, 2013
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Board 15 Nov 12
I considered opening North 1 as I was in 3rd seat. However, at unfavourable decided not too. I would be worried opening South's hand that we end up in 1NT on 17-18 points. Seem to remember this point from another hand in the forum...
Board 14 November 12 2011 Round 5 BB Bulgaria v USA
North has a very shapely hand and the choices seem to be between 2 or 3. I suspect most of us bid (I did). This hand is very similar to one in the Open team playoff ( ...
Board 7 Tuesday 12 Nov
Viv, like your small club lead. I led the K which leaves some later unraveling. Hadn't thought about it and wondered what is the logic?
Board 7 Tuesday 12 Nov
When you win the A, and then take the finesse into North's hand seems a couple of possible inferences 1. you don't have the J as suggested, OR 2. you are worried about another suit. For example on this hand if you were open in Diamonds ...
Board 6 - 12 November
I really don't like my 2 bid, can't think of anything positive about it: grotty 8 count mainly in quacks, not vulnerable and poor suits. Just all bad.
Board 28, 5 Nov
Good point Andy. Probably better to do it before the hearts and all is revealed. Some argument that the defence should duck the second diamond to ensure that diamonds don't set up.
Board 27, 5th November
"I don't see the rightsiding problem" Yes agree Kate, don't want to play 6 from South astje Pakistani pair did.
Board 22 - November 5th
"Tell partner what she wants to know" :) So presumably the reverse should also applies; no signal do not have the card.
Board 22 - November 5th
I think we both can do it on our auction. In the pass out seat, Michael made the point that I should probably double based on being vul against not - while it could be wrong, it is more likely that NS are light (Obviously I was worried that partner with ...
Board 21, 5 November, Italy vs Pakistan
You have to feel sorry for the Pakistani pair. After the weak NT opening, hitting 2 and not leading a was not too difficult. After the 1 opening, South didn't have the option of a penalty double. Just the vagaries of bridge?
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