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June 3, 2013
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Board 19 - 6 August
That is! (worth thinking about)
Board 19 - 6 August
Probably broader than that, how about 18+, 5/4 hands, e.g. KQx AQxx, AKxxx, x? That also does not consider the stronger hands 2/3 unsuitable for opening 2C. Kate put up a 25+, gf hand she had opened at the one level. Even if not that extreme can ...
Board 19 - 6 August
In passing 1, is whether you would pass a 2NT rebid the only consideration? I would be a bit worried about strong 2 or 3 suited hands that don't want to open 2 or is too weak to do so. My values might be enough. Admittedly not ...
Bd 25 August 6th BB 2007 USA1 vs South Africa
I would have opened 1, though hard to argue with success! North does have a really nice 10 count, with two solid suits. It has a whopping KnR of 14.2.
Brd 17 Aug 6 USA1 V South Africa 2007 Bermuda Bowl
Like you Pele, I wouldn't have thought of responding 1NT on South's hand. However, on a flat 5 count with a King and 2 Jacks would respond and really this hand has more going for it (KnR=5.2). On our auction, I think Marianne and I should ...
Bermuda Bowl Board 21 9/8/2019 USA v South Africa
Against us, Pele and Stephen had a good auction to get to 3NT: (1) 1NT 2; 2 2NT; 3NT While it was aggressive from both of them (specially with the 4333 shapes), they did know where all the points were going to be and their values look ...
Board 29 Bermuda Bowl USA v South Africa
i like the questions on card play, find the same difficulties. My understanding of the general approach is that you can't do both attitude and count. So within partnerships you make the choice. Then when clear(! is it ever?) you switch to the other. So playing attitude on the ...
Bd 24 6th August
Play 2NT with both Marianne and David. Can bid 2NT on GF major, GF 5/4 hands or GF bal with 3H. With Marianne, responder shows their shape after 2NT. With David use a 3 query similar to Stephen and Pele. Both seem to work well.
Board 26, August 6th, USA1 vs South Africa
Cashing the Ace only works if singleton honour or HH. It looks like it is between small to the 9 or small to the Q. If both honours are together it does not matter which finesse you take (to q or to 9). Both make 3 tricks if the honours ...
Hand 6 - 30 July
North Not South is on lead.
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