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Joe Clark
Joe Clark
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Jan. 7, 2019
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8 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Undergrad at Bath uni currently working for the MOD. EngU26 squad.

United Kingdom

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Favorite Bridge Memory
First time I pulled off a double squeeze, or when GIB let me score a stiff 9 when it held AKQJT between the two hands
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Ambrose Holmes-Mackie
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What is this double?
Richard, partner will almost certainly have a takeout double here if we have a penalty double if you’ve agreed it as takeout.
Joe Clark's bidding problem: Q3 8653 AT2 AK86
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What is this double?
Yes, so you’ve said. But I think redoubling with hand c) is completely standard and this question is about reaching the best spot with an unfamiliar partner, unless you’re saying you think an unfamiliar partner would be playing this method as well. FWIW I’ve changed my agreement ...
What is this double?
The defence wasn’t perfect but it was always cold. I held hand c, probably the “clearest” double of them all. Partner should probably have removed to 3S with AKTxxx x QJxx xx. But if you double with hand 1 and partner has AKTxx xx QJxx Jx then I doubt ...
What is this double?
I recently discovered that is a good way to score -730
What is this double?
For those voting for the double as outright penalty, what do you do with these hands? a) Q xxx ATxx AKxxx b) Qx xxx ATxx AKxx c) Qx xxxx ATx AKxx d) Q xx ATxxx AKxxx
Joe Clark's bidding problem: Q3 8653 AT2 AK86
Thanks, score corrected. Richard are you saying you would also start with 2C with Qx xxx ATxx AKxx? In my view being forced to bid 2C on the hand I have above loses out on some valuable penalty options, particularly at this vul where you might get rich. I just ...
Joe Clark's bidding problem: Q3 8653 AT2 AK86
If you doubled here and your partner would understand it as pen then you concede 730. If he understands it as takeout you will get to 4S-1 (trumps are 5-0). I thought it was standard after a jump to play double here as takeout (what are you supposed to do ...
Joe Clark's bidding problem: Q3 8653 AT2 AK86
I agree pard should maybe bid 3S
Joe Clark's bidding problem: Q3 8653 AT2 AK86
The doublers: do you regard your double as takeout or penalty orientated?

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