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Joe Clark
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Jan. 7
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about me

2nd year of Uni. Bridge player, singer, recreational pianist and organist.

Interested in theoretical aspects of bridge: in particular lead style against NT contracts and how often it rates better to play in 3NT notwithstanding a known major fit.

No big wins yet but hopefully at some point. Would be interested in being in an England junior squad but the trialling process doesn't seem too transparent...

United Kingdom

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First time I pulled off a double squeeze
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Were EW damaged?
Thanks Kit for a very thoroughly thought out and well-written response
Were EW damaged?
In any case I’ve added it in the body for clarity in case other people don’t read the comments
Were EW damaged?
Yes the misdefence was irrelevant to the UI. Thanks for your explanation
Were EW damaged?
Apparently I have misunderstood the bridge sense of the word "damaged". What I meant was: Were EW affected negatively by UI or any other unlawful methods on this hand when 5D made 12 tricks (on misdefence)?
Were EW damaged?
@Buddy Either before the opening lead or on the final round of bidding (I think it was after the bidding but I'm not 100% sure), West enquired about 3S and that's when South said she believed it was a splinter
Were EW damaged?
This was exactly the situation I was thinking of
Which, if any, is the agreed trump suit?
Playing kickback, shouldn’t 4N show a control in diamonds/hearts depending on what p thinks trumps are?
Auction Whacking
Doubt this one has happened much (1H) - P - (3H) - X (4H) - P - (P) - 5D (P) - 7S - (X) The partner of the doubler held an Ace and KQ of trumps. I was playing with and against BBO robots. 5D was described as “29-30 points”. Before anyone criticises my bidding, I was ...
Tricky Discard at Trick 2! (Flint)
The chance that declarer holds J is very slight indeed!

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