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Joe Clark
Joe Clark
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Jan. 7
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Dec. 10
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about me

2nd year Bath Uni

Interested in theoretical aspects of bridge: in particular lead style against NT contracts and how often it rates better to play in 3NT notwithstanding a known major fit.

No big wins yet but hopefully at some point. EngU26 squad

United Kingdom

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
First time I pulled off a double squeeze, or when GIB let me score a stiff 9 when it held AKQJT between the two hands
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Ambrose Holmes-Mackie
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Joe Clark's bidding problem: AJ985432 76 J4 8
I was wondering when someone was going to vote for pass, an action which I strongly considered at the table. I don’t really know opponents well enough to know if they’d open 2 suiters with 2C I’m afraid
Matchpoints percentage play in 3NT
Apolohies, I slightly modified a hand I played so the bidding doesn’t quite work. Let’s say the bidding is as given and it was a lead out of turn, accepted by south.
Defense From the Bermuda Bowl
Well I watched Robson/Forrester miss this defence so it can’t have been *that* easy
Matchpoints percentage play in 3NT
Sorry, I should have given the auction, 1H 2D 3C 3D 3N
Matchpoints percentage play in 3NT
Unopposed starting with North: 1H 2D 3C 3D 3N
1NT - 2M to play: Alertable?
I’ve thought for some time that it would be better to alert/announce say, a two clubs response to one notrump if it is NOT standard Stayman; similarly, alerting a two diamond response that doesn’t show hearts etc. The reason for this is that if the bidding goes ...
Joe Clark's bidding problem: QJ6 AKQ985 532 K
Thanks everyone for your comments, and I’m interested to hear why some people thought I misbid the West hand. Like the majority here I chose to pass at the table. This was the losing action when partner held AKTxx xx Axx Jxx and everything split nicely. If anyone has ...
Joe Clark's bidding problem: K54 J6 83 AKQ432
Indeed the only reason I posted the hand was to find out if people favoured 1N over 1C. I wasn't anticipating any other responses! Based on the result I might to a follow up poll to see how people would bid after 1C - 1S
Futile Willie?
7NT redoubled
Why is the spade ace more likely than the heart ace? NS’s bidding is nuts in either case so I’m not sure how I can work out which!

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