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Joe Hertz
Joe Hertz
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April 24, 2012
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about me
  • Designated TechnoGeek of ACBL Unit 218 (Northern Virginia). Where I come from, gcc is a compiler, not a convention chart.
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  • I want to play against everyone. I prefer Stratified to StrataFlighted events. I wonder if I'm the only one who feels that way.
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  • My least favorite event is whatever the Swiss is happening on the last day of a Sectional or Regional.
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  • I'm 13-0 in team matches vs people who were booked when I asked about their if I ask you, please say yes.
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  • I have a severe hearing loss. My first duplicate bridge partner is blind. Our card's "general approach" box said "Bid No Evil". 
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  • I once had an opp compliment me on how nice I was about calling the director on them.
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  • That being said, both of the people I've filed player memos on are dead now.
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United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
A long shaggy dog story when I was a NLM, involving a whiny opponent when Jeff Roman jumped into the argument and showed me how the clowns would eat me unless I played A/X exclusively. Six months later, I wound up winning the D6 GNT-C, and immediately thanked him for slapping some sense into me.
Bridge Accomplishments
2010 GNT-C QF
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Bronze Life Master
Joe And Mike O
Walsh Style 2/1 GameForce
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“Detecting Cheating in Bridge” by Nic Hammond. Preliminary thoughts
Yes, but it would still show up statistically as an outlier. I'd imagine a statistical analysis of Helen Sobel's ability to find missing Queens could get her flagged by such an algorithm (She'd hike her skirt up. The man with the queen would intently look at his ...
Childcare at Las Vegas
I agree Randy. For all you know your masterpoints will be declared forfeit tomorrow or that the Spingold will be moved up a day. Why believe anything the ACBL says, right? The well-being of children whose parents plan to spend money at your event (and are gun-shy after the last ...
Deceiving question by declarer
True that, Ed. Although I've had people reply to me when I asked that one with, "Standard". (In this case, he misheard and there was a language problem, but he also seemed to think he was entitled to know what the question I had was if it wasn't ...
Sorry. Another question about a bad claim.
I don't see this as a stated line of play. He counted tricks he was winning based upon a false assumption of the Jack dropping. Since he thought that assumption was true, then it follows that if him playing that way wouldn't block the other tricks he says ...
You be the director
I totally sympathize for your plight there. In fact, I more than think that's the primary cause of the damage -- which means there's no reason to adjust the score. Your opps did nothing to warrant taking away their -200. Any hesitation East made was due to him being ...
Deceiving question by declarer
Yes, once you think about it for the first time, you realize you have no dilemma. But if youre relatively new and this happens, you might not get it right (like I didn't). I once had my partner announce(!!) my 2NT bid as 20-21 even though it was making ...
Childcare at Las Vegas
Re: The recorders. Yep. My understanding is that the Units can ask to have their own recorders be appointed as Asst Recorders for the district (and that the district "Shall" appoint them as such) but that's where the primary disciplinary authority is getting moved to. My first reaction was ...
Deceiving question by declarer
I've had partner lead an ace from Ax when I had the king. Now they ask about our leads. I said standard just to get them to ask ace from ak or not. If they really wanted the misleading but truthful answer to the question, fine, but I didn ...
Deceiving question by declarer
The witness in this case is hostile, no?
Deceiving question by declarer
Lol. I did something like that once. I remarked that my partner and teammate who was sitting out all played the same cards. On cue, this happens 1h-3h- And I've got a good hand and am wondering if I should move towards slam. Then it hits me. "Excuse me ...

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