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Joe Hertz
Joe Hertz
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April 24, 2012
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Feb. 13
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Bridge Player
about me
  • Designated TechnoGeek of ACBL Unit 218 (Northern Virginia). Where I come from, gcc is a compiler, not a convention chart.
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  • I want to play against everyone. I prefer Stratified to StrataFlighted events. I wonder if I'm the only one who feels that way.
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  • My least favorite event is whatever the Swiss is happening on the last day of a Sectional or Regional.
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  • I'm 13-0 in team matches vs people who were booked when I asked about their if I ask you, please say yes.
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  • I have a severe hearing loss. My first duplicate bridge partner is blind. Our card's "general approach" box said "Bid No Evil". 
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  • I once had an opp compliment me on how nice I was about calling the director on them.
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  • That being said, both of the people I've filed player memos on are dead now.
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United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
A long shaggy dog story when I was a NLM, involving a whiny opponent when Jeff Roman jumped into the argument and showed me how the clowns would eat me unless I played A/X exclusively. Six months later, I wound up winning the D6 GNT-C, and immediately thanked him for slapping some sense into me.
Bridge Accomplishments
2010 GNT-C QF
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Bronze Life Master
Joe And Mike O
Walsh Style 2/1 GameForce
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another "Where did East/West go wrong?" hand
Splintering with the ace too, if you're okay with that sort of thing. I'm of the mind that you don't make invitational bids if you're thinking to bid game no matter what. That's, by definition, not invitational. If partner huddles, the director (and appeals committee ...
What are opponents entitled to
What Kevin and Nigel said. The opps are entitled to accurate explanations of your agreements. They don't get to know if someone forgot them unless it resulted in an incorrect explanation, then you correct that before the opening lead if they are defending. Dealing with the UI issue those ...
Does this create some kind of UI problem?
True, but if the people they poll decide that their 20/20 hindsight slash "Why am I being polled here? sense" is actually them just being astute...
1NT or not?
I probably open it 1NT, certainly at match points. But I want to open it 1. It's not the doubleton club that scares me. I want to be in NT or a major fit and if I open 1, partner I'm sure is going to respond ...
I Don't Understand This
There are dead people who are suspended for having bounced checks. Presumably they haven't paid their dues recently either, but they are still considered members for the purpose of having said membership suspended. I really wonder how many "former" ACBL members died and never got mentioned in the bulletin ...
Jacoby Transfer super-acceptances
@Marty You can have a singleton when you open 1N in the ACBL now. It just can't be a small singleton. A, K, or Q and it's fine. And you can have a convention to identify it, provided you complied with the above restriction.
Too stringent with the announcements/alerts?
It's imagine that, in theory, if your rulings flew in the face of the law, you could lose your acbl sanction since the game wouldn't resemble bridge anymore, but if you kept paying your sanction fees, I'd seriously doubt that weighs actually happen.
Fouled board penalty
I'd go so far to say that I've never seen a ruling that resulted in unplayed boards I've been happy with, even when there was (TD level) director error responsible for it. Ex: Bracketed Swiss events where half way through round one, they found one team was ...
Critique this auction, which bid was least correct?
More seriously... 2 is real bad, but it wouldn't have happened if partner opens. 2 positive with 5 to the eight? zomg. I hates it I duz. Followed up with 4 on 2 card support? ay yi yi....but 2 is still in the lead ...
Critique this auction, which bid was least correct?
We need ranked choice polls.

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