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Joe Hertz
Joe Hertz
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April 24, 2012
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July 7
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Bridge Player
about me
  • Designated TechnoGeek of ACBL Unit 218 (Northern Virginia). Where I come from, gcc is a compiler, not a convention chart.
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  • I want to play against everyone. I prefer Stratified to StrataFlighted events. I wonder if I'm the only one who feels that way.
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  • My least favorite event is whatever the Swiss is happening on the last day of a Sectional or Regional.
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  • I'm 13-0 in team matches vs people who were booked when I asked about their if I ask you, please say yes.
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  • I have a severe hearing loss. My first duplicate bridge partner is blind. Our card's "general approach" box said "Bid No Evil". 
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  • I once had an opp compliment me on how nice I was about calling the director on them.
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  • That being said, both of the people I've filed player memos on are dead now.
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United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
A long shaggy dog story when I was a NLM, involving a whiny opponent when Jeff Roman jumped into the argument and showed me how the clowns would eat me unless I played A/X exclusively. Six months later, I wound up winning the D6 GNT-C, and immediately thanked him for slapping some sense into me.
Bridge Accomplishments
2010 GNT-C QF
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Bronze Life Master
Joe And Mike O
Walsh Style 2/1 GameForce
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Vandy Round of 64 UI
I'm thinking that the "Does the UI make bidding 4C more attractive?" question reduces to "Does the UI make you more likely to believe the opponents have a slam?" I'm of the mind that the 4C bidders and passers aren't exactly going to be swayed in their ...
Vandy Round of 64 UI
What was the ultimate result?
Steve, I was half asleep when I wrote it, but I didn't intend for this to become a subthread. It was also 2010 when it happened so I'm trying to piece it all together from an 8 year old recollection. I also must have written it badly because ...
More like What was 3C? Puppet stayman. Asking about a 4 or 5 card major? Yes And right before her partner leads she then says to him, "He has hearts. He has spades" which the director would totally open a can of whoopass on you for, but I'm Shrodingers ...
I've had the flipside of this question. We had a Puppet auction, and my LHO starts asking my P all sorts questions about my bids, clearly to aid her partner. I know this because I played the same puppet agreement with her on our card. At that point, can ...
An update on the CAS ruling
Why can't the existing invitation regulation be used? Hypothetically, the EBL thinks they smell funny.
Was this ruling correct?
Absolutely right. Fortunately this was first seat, and the director did ask some questions away from the table. I suspect the potential for damage was lessened, but I'd hope they'd still look at it to confirm.
Was this ruling correct?
I suspect the 3rd director was right, but I have to admit, I do like the idea of fixing it right there when they can. If it was clubs, then it's a problem, but not if it was worthy of a 3C opener I suppose. They were going to ...
An update on the CAS ruling
Fortunately for the ACBL, it never ceded any power to the CAS. That, and the expulsion of F/N from the ACBL was not done due to reciprocity with the EBL or anyone else's disciplinary decisions. They were expelled on the merits of the evidence the ACBL had. If ...
ACBLscore"+" - a short history
C#, back at they time the contract was bid, really wasn't much of an option for Mac support. It requires a runtime environment similar to the Java Virtual Machine, which theoretically existed for other platforms besides Windows via an open source project called Mono, but you couldn't count ...

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