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March 18, 2014
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Childcare at Las Vegas
JoAnn, obviously the current membership is mostly composed of older players (I understand that less than 1% of the Houston Unit members are less than 40 years old). However, at the moment it appears that the ACBL (according to the marketing department and last years president) has no intention of ...
Childcare at Las Vegas
The ACBL position on childcare seems consistent with their lack of interest in attracting and retaining younger members. Already the median age is over 70 and on the way to 80. This position toward younger players is also exemplified by not holding the fall nabc during thanksgiving
To Pros and Sponsors: Encouraging Super Bracket KO Events at Our Regionals
It seems to me that increased master point awards for pair games and Swiss teams are discouraging participation in KO’s. This becomes even worse when this declining participation results in 3 session events which very few player like.
First day table count in HNL (excluding NLM)
The Hawaii NABC in 2006 had 8606 tables for the entire tournament. Of course that was a tournament that started the Friday before Thanksgiving and would therefore expected to have larger attendance. My own perception is that Hawaii is much more expensive than 12 years ago which probably depressed attendance.
Anatomy of NABC Child Care
We tried to contact that number but it was apparently a wrong number
ACBL plans to end all child care at NABCs?
We did not preregister before travelling to Hawaii but we have never had to preregister in the past. We have been attending every NABC for the past 28 years and for the past 7 years we have taken a child with us. We have been using ACBL child care for ...
MORE Fat-Cat Board of Directors Largesse! :(
It would be very interesting to hear from the District 16 Board Member why he did not vote for this motion.
ACBL plans to end all child care at NABCs?
My wife have an eight year old and travelled to Hawaii intending to play but were unable to do so as the ACBL cancelled childcare. The hotel only offers childcare until 10 PM which is not compatible with the ACBL schedule. We decided to leave the tournament without playing any ...
Anatomy of NABC Child Care
The cancellation of child care is very disappointing. We have an eight year old and actually went to Hawaii but are not playing any bridge as the only alternative child care available we could find was from the hotel which only goes until 10 PM which is not compatible with ...
Open Orlando Discussion <span>Thread</span>
The starting date (i.e. after Thanksgiving) has to be a major reason for low attendance as attendees now have to take more vacation and those with school age children have that issue to deal with whereas most children have thanksgiving week off. In addition, the later start makes it ...
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