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Joe Stokes
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Oct. 6, 2010
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Dec. 10
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Bjerkan - Pollack
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Jones Tapped to Head ACBL
Will he work towards restructuring the Board and its purview? That is the question. Good luck for sure.
Ripped Off
I’m not sure how important it is to withhold locations; in my limited experience, the practice of having stacks of cash on or near the table where entries are sold is routine, if not universal (leaving the cash unattended is not). And 20 brackets of 16 KO teams is ...
Open Orlando Discussion Thread
I can’t give you a technical or even a satisfactory answer, but I do know they change matches only at the longer break for lunch, not at the 20 minute break between segments. Almost everything is electronic (table assignments, submitting lineups — the names of players pop up magically on ...
Why does Harvard hate bridge?
Maybe they will be impressed that Harvard is on this list :)
Why does Harvard hate bridge?
Jonathon, thanks for your efforts on behalf of bridge and good luck going forward. If things don't improve, you may have to try to get into a better school, one that will recognize the intellectual aspects of our game.
How I lost 31 IMPs in one hand
Seems like 5 exclusion KC would have helped. Without that, I certainly have sympathy for you (and your partner, too!).
In The Well: David Berkowitz
Hi David and thanks for being here; it’s a lot of work. How are you different from 30-40 years ago in terms of technical skill, table feel, bringing out the best in partner, resilience, stamina....or whatever you care to comment on?
Guidelines for BBO Vugraph Commentators
It’s important to me that commenters use the names that are displayed. Referring to “Bobby” when “Levin” is on the screen can be confusing to some viewers. (Maybe a bad example since everyone knows who Bobby is, but you get the point.)
Guidelines for BBO Vugraph Commentators
I thought that was a Roland slam :-)
commentating on other table
And there are not always commentators at both tables in a match.

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