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Thanks for the great message. I think there are many reasons some juniors don't play much in their late twenties; for some those are very busy years. Many juniors do continue to play and support bridge. Others never get hooked and eventually lose interest, but if their experience as ...
Support Double
If responder bid 1, then 2 now is forcing (we have a spade fit; responder must have 5 spades if 2 now is natural). If responder bid 1, then 2 now is invitational 4-4 majors. Jump to 3M is invitational. 3 (cue bid) is ...
Congratulations to Adam and Zach!
Congrats to two fine gentlemen and excellent ambassadors for bridge!
Being able to show both black suits right away would bring south to life. That treatment is common in much of the world but not the US. Probably get to 5 anyway. If 3 was a fit jump, I’d bid as south.
Thanks, Fred Gitelman
thanks, Fred and Sheri. You have done so much for bridge, and I suspect you will continue to do so, retired or not.
Ruling & whats do you think is the best
You didn't say you had no agreement about a passed hand's bidding here, you "explained the bid as Natural as this was the only way to show clubs." Sounds like MI to me.
What's going wrong with Gatlinburg ??
Great Smokey Mountains National Park is by far the most visited National Park in the US and has been for a very long time.
Priorities for the WBF?
Change Chapt 1, Article 3.5 of the WBF Bylaws!
My Journey in Bridge
Thanks for the aticle, Michael -- great to read about your experience and your excitement. BTW, I don't think anyone has ever answered "all of (your) questions," and that is a good thing. Keep 'em coming!
Billy Rosen (1928-2019)
Yes, the family knows.

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