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Oct. 6, 2010
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Tournament Cancellations
The District 13 Regional at Lake Geneva WI has been officially cancelled (I am told unofficially :-) by someone who knows).
Tournament Cancellations
I had planned to attend the District 13 Regional at Lake Geneva April 13-19. I got an email from the hotel/lodge acknowledging cancelling my reservation. I called and the hotel said the event had been cancelled, but I see nothing on the ACBL website re cancellation and have heard ...
Gatlinburg regional (4/20-26/2020) is NOT cancelled
I"m not sure what "District 7 is financially obligated to hold this tournament" means, but I am pretty sure I don't like the sentiment.
Open Letter to the ACBL on Covid-19
great post, Josh. Prayers answered indeed. Your post and comments by Adam Kaplan, Larry Robbins, and others are good reading for those who don't understand the difference in public health prevention and general medical treatment for individuals.
Columbus Hotel Cancellation and ACBL response
FWIW I cancelled my Hyatt reservation without involving the ACBL, and they were "not able to refund my one night's deposit." Forfeiting the deposit if I cancelled was part of the deal when I made the reservation, so I don't feel aggrieved.
Kayden Ge's bidding problem: T2 A AKJ9832 K86
4D seems best to me, if I am confident it is forcing. Probably should be, but I would worry without a clear agreement.
Are You Sure?
There is a lot of evidence that people in general are biased in estimating risks, probabilities, etc. Confirmation bias (tendency to interpret, view, favor, or recall information in a way that confirms one's preexisting beliefs or hypotheses) is real. I am skeptical when people report how well their favorite ...
Dennis Bilde is 2020 Lazard Sportsman of the Year
Great choice!! Congrats, Dennis!!
Junior USBC Champions
you probably can guess the answer to that. Our funding for international travel -- the only recurring funding the USBF has -- is sufficient for 5 teams; 6 is a stretch; more than 6 isn't feasible.
Another huge finish for 15-year old Finn Kolesnik
a great accomplishment indeed! Congrats Finn and John!

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