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Oct. 6, 2010
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A Round from the Reisinger
Yes, declarer had a rare blindspot (hard playing 4-handed in this event). Also, in addition to the false count 9 from West, East led the queen of spades from KQ, playing standard honor leads. Not that it mattered: unlikely to have led Q from Qx(x..). Thanks, Oren; a great ...
Double by responder after 2 club opening
At the risk of being petty, looks like you are asking about responder’s double. Advancer has yet to bid.
German Cup Finals not on BBO
A few precautions minimize the risk, especially when each table is in a separate room (typical in later stages of USBF and major ACBL team events): kibitzers must be at the table at the start of the session and if they leave, they may not return; players leaving the table ...
Takeout or Penalty/Cards #1
If takeout=responsive, this poll may be (close to) unanimous. I can't imagine not playing this double as responsive.
Convention Chart Revisions
maybe "showing spades and any other suit..." would help clarify
Toronto NABC Follow-up
Good information, nice tone. Thanks. Good luck.
A video on Toronto NABC
I missed this the first time; thanks Ron and Ai-Tai. Very well done piece and great publicity for the game.
Matt Smith Promotion
Congratulations, Matt. Well deserved. I'll echo Steve's comment that Matt's the best at restoring calm rationality in a potentially-explosive situation.
First Official Collusive Cheating Case in Turkey!
I think that is correct in ACBL events, unless I am out of date (nah, couldn't happen). One cannot bar kibitzers from his/her table, but each player may bar one specific kibitzer without cause. (Probably are some interesting stories that led to that rule.)
Grand National Slams
Thanks, Oren. Fun to see these hands again. Great writing as usual. GL to you all in Toronto.

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