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Joerg Fritsche
Joerg Fritsche
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March 22, 2012
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8 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Player German Open Team.

Some international ranks and medals together with Roland Rohowsky in the last years.

Unluckily we had teammates, who some weeks ago confessed having cheated at least at one of the events, possibly even more.  So if we are still in the official ranking lists, those ranks are worthless now. Sorry for the teams, who had truly deserved them.


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Last segment of Venice Cup Final 2001, captaining the German girls going for gold (after trailing with minus 50 and 16 boards to go).
Regular Bridge Partners
Susanne Kriftner, Klaus Reps, Claus Daehr (God of MP), Helmut Häusler, Michael Gromöller, Martin Rehder, Roland Rohowsky (till 2014)
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Stuttgart, Bamberg
Favorite Tournaments
European Open Teams
Favorite Conventions
Transfer Walsh and Transfers in Competition
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ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Gazilli Questions - Meaning of opener’s rebids of 3M and 3NT?
1) and 2) show good 6card, 14-16 HCP. 3) is 18-19 balanced, not 3. 4) is 18-19 balanced. With -stopper after 1, without 3 after 1. So the message of 3nt is always ‚18-19, don‘t look further‘ 5) I don‘t use, if you like ...
Analysis and Visualization - 54th EBTC
Great work Ante, and so much more information than just the naked Butler-Scores
After responder´s double of Michaels
I have the simple agreement, that x Nr. 1 and x Nr. 2 are for takeout (including all xx, counted as 1 x), x Nr. 3 is for Penalty. This is valid unless the situation is explicitly definiert as Penalty, which is not the case here. Pass is forcing, unless ...
Thanks for the report, Paul. I was booked with my team for Montecatini with a nice hotel near the original playing ground. We wanted Italian holiday with competitive bridge. When we received the news about the change via mail from EBL we withdraw our participation and cancelled hotel and travel ...
Transfer Advance into Partner's Suit: Limit or Constructive?
No '+' for the transfer. It should be either weak or forcing to game, the simple raise is invitaitonal or limit or constructive - however you want to call it - but never better. Take away as much ambiguity from the bids as possible. So a 2nd bid after the transfer, however the ...
Superaccepts over 1NT or 2NT with 3 trumps
Over 1NT it is possible to superaccept with maximum and 3cards with 2 Tops. Over 2NT (or 2 - 2 - 2nt or similar) bidding the transfer suit shows a doubleton, with 3 or 4cards you bid something else. So the Transfer to a Major is gameforcing, if a fit ...
Run or stay or ...?
Suppose Opener holds Axx, AKQx, xxx, Kxx and doubler holds KQJ10x, xxx, Ax, xxx. You have 10 cold tricks on a -lead and opener has no second thought what to do. Oh, wait, of course he has. He wants to play 3NT and he doesn't want pard to run ...
Run or stay or ...?
Thank you all for your votes. As some of you have already suspected, there was more than just the polled decision. It was a hesitation case, as the 1NT-opener needed his time, before he passed the double. He was rich of controls, but poor in with Jx. This hand ...
Run or stay or ...?
Right, I forgot that one. But when I noticed, there were already too many votes, so I didn't add it.
Where is Lotan Fisher now?
No Chance for tray placement or coughing on BBO, so who cares? Personal blacklists also work.

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