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Johan Andersson
Johan Andersson
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Jan. 15, 2014
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May 29
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Gold Coast Ruling
As usual the bid, if correct, is forbidden. Here 5 was chosen and could easily be wrong. Nothing with the BIT suggested 5 over X. But of course here 5 were right and it was corrected to 4X!?!. If X would be chosen and that was ...
2NT and puppet stayman
I dont play this myself but I saw an idea above where you bid 3 transfer then 3 with 45 and you bid 3 directly with 54. Not optimal for rightsiding and not optimal for minors
2NT and puppet stayman
If you always anwser 3 to 3, then responder can say: 3: 4 3: 4 3NT: both majors Now we have concealed the opener distribution (except if he have 4card support in the shown major(s) ofcourse)
2NT and puppet stayman
The last bid left is 2NT-4, Gerber? :)
2NT and puppet stayman
Wow, Im blown away :) One last question, how are you inviting slam with a single suited major and a 5+major and 4+ minor?
2NT and puppet stayman
Hi Craig, this sounds interesting. What is the rest of your system? normal stayman or puppet? How are you showing slam interest with one long minor? 4m? Would love to hear the rest of the system.
Peculiar Situation - What's your Ruling?
He is deemed to have revoked even if he has a card in the suit as well.
Polling Strength of 1m - 3N
What system do others use after 1-2NT invitational? Playing transfer Walsh if that matter. Yesterday I had EJx x EJxx EKTxx What should I bid?
UPS Convention
Ok fair, you have a lot of shapes that is showed below 3NT.
UPS Convention
It is easy to remember, but one could show 55 different shapes without going past 3NT. Your method shows 18, I do not think it is good enough :)

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