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Johan Hasselgren
Johan Hasselgren
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Sept. 4, 2012
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Sept. 5, 2019
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Bridge Player

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winning the very lowest section in the club
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my wife of course
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Uppsalabridgen, Uppsala
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Spade-Jammer (Kaninruter)
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Modify style with vulnerability?
You are right about 1Nt openings of course and this is what i seem to suggest above. But we are to back to the question of gains of making opps. auctions more difficult versus losses in our own constructive actions.
Modify style with vulnerability?
Thanks. T-Walsh is very likely superior to the Monteral relay that we currently play. Partner happy with the latter so we stick to that. 1c-1NT invitational is indeed very neat and ok within our system. How do you continue bidding if you do not have balanced junk? I believe Ulf ...
Modify style with vulnerability?
Agree, but we use Gazilli after all 1-level suit openings to be able to stop in 2d or 2M after 1x-1M. Our problem child is 1cl-1d* (no5cM) where 2NT is the only option with no 4cM. Does not occur often fortunately...
Modify style with vulnerability?
Thanks for reminding me about these articles.
Modify style with vulnerability?
Thanks, appreciate your thoughtful comments. Our 1d is unbalanced which as you say is an advantage, we then need ways to handle 1cl openings, se other comments.
Last train?
I was reviewing my posts here and see that I forgot to thank you for commenting. So thank you so much for valuable comments. Will stick to majors for the time being w r t last train.
Stong marmic
Thanks for constructive comments. Should have included "imps", colours "red against green" as well as "we do not use lebensohl". Sorry for doing the same mistake as many others, promise to do it better next time :-) The fact that lebensohl is not used, strengthens my case for an 2NT overcall ...
Stong marmic
Point well taken!
Stong marmic
Thanks for the comments, learned a bit of bidding history as well as how not to use terminology you assume to be universal.
Was this (not) funny enough?
Just a side-note and questions to Kit: 1. curious as to why apply puppet after 1NT and not 2NT. Most do it the other way around. 2 I am most interested in your puppet structure after 1NT. How to distinguish invitational hands w 3-1 in majors from inv hand w ...
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