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Johan Karlsson
Johan Karlsson
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May 17, 2016
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Feb. 14
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Johan Karlsson's bidding problem: T93 Q97652 752 T
Thanks for the votes. Opps are cold for eight tricks in hearts but pass is still the winner. You go for 800+ in everything else. Partner has a very normal takeout double, a 4144 14 count.
Johan Karlsson's bidding problem: JT96 Q97 --- AT9865
It had a small majority in this poll:
Johan Karlsson's bidding problem: 9652 T42 K82 T65
How did the auction go?
Johan Karlsson's bidding problem: KJ2 A73 AKQ953 9
Passing can reward you with +200 and a top, but partner has to lead a red suit which is not obvious with T98 KT64 J87 854. Declarer has five club tricks and the ace of spades.
Johan Karlsson's lead problem: K8643 AT62 T94 T
I think it's time to reveal the deal. You have two hearts and two spade tricks but you need to cash them immediately. Declarer has solid trumps and x with AKQxx in dummy for two discards.
Johan Karlsson's bidding problem: KJ8 A9 KQJ83 KT8
So at the table I bid 3NT which made 11 tricks. It's clear from the poll though that I had a logical alternative and 3NT might not have been reached had I bid 3. Was my 3NT bid unethical?
Johan Karlsson's bidding problem: T9832 J8 K5 KT74
1NT shows ~8-10 points. With your example hand advancer would've bid 2.
Johan Karlsson's lead problem: 854 KJT T932 932
Full hand:
Johan Karlsson's bidding problem: KQT32 Q A85 AT76
I passed, leaving it to partner to decided, he bid 5 holding six of them. Down one while 5X would have been +500.
Steve Osiecki's bidding problem: 85 AKQxx Kxx 742
2 now must show exactly this shape.
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