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Nov. 4, 2016
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about me

I live in London, England. I played at a reasonable level in the late eighties and early nineties (I was, to quote the late, great, Martin Hoffman 'one of those players, young and old, toiling away in trials, to whom I know I could give ten yards' start in a hundred), before leaving the game (largely on account of the unpleasant and litigious attitudes which bridge administrators try so hard to promote). I started playing again in 2016 at an above-average club level. I was in the winning EBU Camrose team in 2019 and 2020.

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Chess Candidates Tournament Postponed
Among the great chess players Karpov is the best. Lasker was better than Capablanca , according to Gerald Abrahams, who played both of them. Korchnoi was apparently terrible.
Can you defend to best advantage
I can’t see 1100. On the other hand I don’t see a plausible way for the defence not to take 800. I don’t, in short, understand the hand at all.
Chess Candidates Tournament Postponed
With respect to Michael R, he was not in the class of Jonathan M or (among women),IL. As to the Candidates being postponed, it’s a fiasco - particularly if you’re Teimour Radjabov, who told them it shouldn’t happen and refused to play, and whose unqualified replacement is ...
something new
I don’t follow this; if someone is 22 in the majors why does it matter whether his spades are Kx or xx?
Escape from 1NT?
Yes; he was taking it for granted that you had 5332 with 5-7
Escape from 1NT?
This must be eminently simulatable; surely that’s been done? A very good player told me once he always transferred with two honours or Kxxxx/Qxxxx, but passed with Jxxxx or Axxxx.
Who would you invite?
Fantastic idea for a thread. I’m going to rule out those I have played against or may play against - just seems a waste of the power of resurrection. With one exception. Terence Reese and Michael Courtney have always been my fantasy YC Friday night partnership, so they’re in ...
it happened one night
Sorry, Doug, absolutely right - somehow I missed your ‘game’-forcing
Gold v Gold
He does kinda leave himself open to the interpretation in the circs that he thinks Phoenix's fifth man was the director. I've no idea what he did mean, but that's an unfortunate look.
it happened one night
The post says the responder answered, Richard, but actually it was opener; the OP explained this. The teacup small enough to contain this particular storm has not yet been crafted.
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