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Nov. 4, 2016
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What is the percentage return at trick two?
Does it not depend on what my thirteenth card is, or am I misunderstanding?
Obligatory Finesse
Is it right to rise KD on the way back if E ducks the A? Why not duck - if it’s Ax in W you win without more, while if you lose to the J you still have the heart finesse. It’s not obvious to me any of this ...
Shireen Mohandes's bidding problem: KJT AQ8752 AQ8 7
This reminds me of a hand I held recently; KJx AKJxx 5432 A, on the same 1H 1S start. Finding myself hesitating, I thought I should make a limit bid at least rather than bid 2D when everyone knows I have extras, so I bid 3S. Afterwards I dared to ...
slipstream or backwash? common Game 27
You didn’t have to draw the third trump, did you? If you demand an underruffing element for a true backwash, can’t you ruff the third spade first? Just an aesthetic distinction, I realise
The Right Shift
Presumably on the other hand they're fine as long as the meaning of a middle card is not 'encouraging' but 'please don't lead either of the other two side suits'?!
Avon Wilsmore and Eugenio Chiaradia
As to the Seres story, three observations. 1. ‘A great authority agreed with me in a private conversation,’ is another mark of Truscottism. 2. The story would have been more interesting if you had asked Seres why he previously believed people he knew tolerably well had not been cheating. The ...
Avon Wilsmore and Eugenio Chiaradia
OK, I’ve done that; his reply: ‘Decl obvs AKxxxx Kx AQ KQx. Need D to make him guess.’ But why do we need experts? A diamond is the only chance if that’s declarer’s hand, isn’t it, and if E manages to work out different he can ...
Avon Wilsmore and Eugenio Chiaradia
An experienced NPC might perhaps conclude in such circumstances that one’s player was likely to have been upset by the incident and sit him out. Anyway, I’m confused again. I thought the idea was that EC was thrown off the team for going down in a contract. Now ...
Avon Wilsmore and Eugenio Chiaradia
Tom, wasn’t it the OP who quoted Pursti about the 6S slam (which is also quoted in Bridge with the Blue Team, if I’m not mistaken). Richard and AW are speaking of a different hand where an Italian went down in 4Hxx, from the 1963 Olympiad, I think ...
Avon Wilsmore and Eugenio Chiaradia
As a general proposition, it doesn't seem very sensible to me to say that a world champion who takes an anti-percentage line which succeeds has played badly, certainly not without knowing the table action and preferably speaking to the player to ask him why he played as he did ...
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