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John D'Errico
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June 19, 2010
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Semi-retired mathematician (numerical analysis, applied math, linear algebra, statistics, etc.) I like woodworking, especially wood turning. I enjoy writing up bridge hands, which I find can improve my own play, by forcing me to think about what is happening at the table.

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After 1!C (P) 1!H (P) 1NT (P), under what conditions should you bid 2!H with a five-card heart suit?
But wait! You have the germ of a great idea there in 2-way kickback. Bid one way, it is regular Blackwood. The other way, 1430 keycard. Or maybe we could use one way as optional kickback, thus a forcing and non-forcing kickback. We can never have too many ways to ...
Active Ethics (Again)
I do understand, especially in these days of small clubs, to need a fill-in. I think the problem is, it is easy for a club director to unconsciously favor themselves if they are also playing. I have the utmost respect for a director who actively bends over backwards to NOT ...
Active Ethics (Again)
Yes. It is unfair, to SOME club directors. There are many club directors who try actively to be the best they can. Yet I have known of two such club directors in my time who did exactly the above things. One director played in every game. And he controlled the ...
Active Ethics (Again)
The worst case is when the club director has chosen to play in their own game. Amazingly, they always get favorable (to them) rulings. UI? No such thing if their side created the problem. Time problems? The round is over when the director finishes at their table.
How do we bid those hands to the best game?
I was thinking about getting them to double me in 1♡, and convince partner to leave the XX in. 2 club tricks, 2 diamonds, and 3 spades, if suits break reasonably well.
CAS Decision on Fantoni and Nunes
I can just see the next summer Olympics. Encouraged by the failure of the CAS to act sanely in other matters, the winner of the Olympic marathon wins in a world record time. Aided of course by the use of a souped up riding lawnmower. No penalty is given, because ...
An Amusing Hand to Remember
I always get frustrated when only two hands are shown like this. Lets see. East was on lead. So the North hand is declarer. But North is shown as dummy. So the hand shown as North should be shown as South (as dummy), which is consistent with the bidding.
What would you say about this auction ?
David - When did I blame EW for not getting to a bad game on understrength values? I tried to say that rather than worrying about how they should be in a lucky game that might make if they guess right, only that they should now use this as a constructive ...
What would you say about this auction ?
So, missing 3 clubs, you need to drop the stiff king of clubs offside. If not, then both 3NT and 5♣ are down. If you expect the club king is probably offside, then there are 4 possible holdings that matter. 65 - K 6 - K5 5 - K6 - K65 Of those 4 ...
A Great Read
Max said: "in Lyon I was joking with muy team about moving to Latin America to increase our chances of playing in the Bermuda Bowl" Hmm. I figure my best shot is to move farther south yet, forming the Antarctic bridge federation, if necessary. Teach a few penguins to play ...

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