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John D'Errico
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June 19, 2010
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Semi-retired mathematician (numerical analysis, applied math, linear algebra, statistics, etc.) I like woodworking, especially wood turning. I enjoy writing up bridge hands, which I find can improve my own play, by forcing me to think about what is happening at the table.

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what is the correct opening bid
You were 7510, with a one loser hand? Essentially, you virtually have slam in hand. Too good I think to open 1♣. There are some who use the agreement that an opening bid of 4NT here is a Blackwood variant, asking responder to show SPECIFIC aces. It is useful once ...
Seeding adjustments
It will change the matches made in a somewhat arbitrary way. But seeds have always been only a very approximate measure of the ability of a team. The team that wins this event will have played very good bridge, and will have done so against some darn good teams. That ...
Vanderbilt Seeding Disaster
I think there is a good argument for what you suggest. Note that both of the Vanderbilt and Spingold use the same format: pure KO. So we should change the format of one of them to start with a swiss. Those who advance from the swiss would now have seeding ...
Vanderbilt Seeding Disaster
"I heard that It was Josh Donn's father." So Josh Donn killed Josh Donn's father? It sounds like this happened before Josh Donn was born? So was time travel involved? Do we have a statement from Josh Donn's father? So many questions.
They did it to me again
Even a bad day spent playing bridge is better than, ... well, any alternatives I can think of.
They did it to me again
(David has a cruel streak, for hoping the Q♣ was doubleton.) On this hand, they ducked twice in hearts, and did so smoothly, leaving you with a guess. So this pair was not that terribly weak. A truly weak opponent ducks, but tanks in the process to give it away ...
A tale of woe
By the logical extension, I have decided to henceforth use unusual 2NT to show 3-3, OR SHORTER. Could be void. Think of the virtues of this bid! Partner is far more likely to have support for my suits if I have shorter suits. The shorter my suit, the longer partner ...
A tale of woe
Funny. At first I looked at the hand, and was thinking, club ace, diamond ace heart ace all to lose, plus a club ruff by W. Then I noticed that North can "discard" a small heart on the club ace. Oops. :) Can you say big swing? Like this one: https ...
How ridiculous is this takeout double?
With my luck some days at the table, I'd double, only to catch partner with 3433 shape, but no stopper in hearts, so they choose to bid 1♠, hoping to play the Moysian. :)
Life Master Fee Increase
Masters are also not what they used to be. Put them together, and things are going downhill at an accelerating pace.

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