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John D'Errico
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June 19, 2010
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Semi-retired mathematician (numerical analysis, applied math, linear algebra, statistics, etc.) I like woodworking, especially wood turning. I enjoy writing up bridge hands, which I find can improve my own play, by forcing me to think about what is happening at the table.

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ATB-aggressive game (matchpoints) down 1
But West does not know about a spade fit until East bids 3♠. So if East passes, West will never learn about that double fit.
How should this be bid ?
I was wondering if someone was going to ask about a 1♣ start. I think it should be an option in the poll.
sometimes your system just works
Note that it is entirely possible that South does not have the heart king. I will concede that IF South lacks the king, then the South hand is VERY weak in the majors. But you should see that South was willing to make that bid with apparently nothing more than ...
Opening 2N for the minors. Is including a strong possibility 4 losers or less a good idea?
And what makes this idea a mega-slam killer is that a large fraction of the time, it will be weak with the minors. So you first need to disentangle the two possible cases. That costs you a round of bidding. So now you will be effectively showing a strong NT ...
The Bracket Size Adjustment Factor
A bounty is a very interesting idea. It would give incentive for people to want to play stronger teams. I always feel bad whenever we get a draw where our opponents sadly exclaim "Why do we have to play you?"
What is your defense to 2 diamonds over one no trump showing an unknown one suiter
"on this side of the pond, ANY defence to 1NT is permitted." Does the Tonya Harding defense count? I.e., go for the knees? ;-)
ATB-missed game
Calling 1NT disgusting is silly. It describes the hand quite well, with only one flaw - a small lie about the number of spades held. Perhaps it may not be to your tastes. But disgusting is a wild overbid here. My partners know that a 5 card major is entirely possible ...
ATB-missed game
I don't have a problem with 1NT here at all. 1NT describes the hand pretty well. Missing a major suit fit is not the end of the world. If partner has spades, often enough, we will get there. If partner was going to pass 1NT AND we have a ...
ATB-missed game
So East had a strong 1NT hand, with values in all 4 suits. In my book, not bidding 1NT is the first mistake, and the worst one. Had East opened 1NT, game is automatic with the West hand. Could West have recovered, given the 1♠ opening? West is certainly close ...
Seeking information on Refurbishing Aluminum Boards
My opinion is based on self adhesive products I have seen in the past. They tend to be not as strongly adhesive as I want. And I suggested outdoor use because there would be lots of spray. that you really don't want to inhale.

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