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John D'Errico
John D'Errico
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June 19, 2010
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about me

Semi-retired mathematician (numerical analysis, applied math, linear algebra, statistics, etc.) I like woodworking, especially wood turning. I enjoy writing up bridge hands, which I find can improve my own play by forcing me to think about what was happening at the table.

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Donald Lurie's bidding problem: AK74 AQT63 K84 5
If we would have anything our way, then partner will have some values. Partner is likely to be short in hearts. Trust partner to balance. Anyway, if you are to bid there your only choices are a 4 card overcall in spades, or 1NT with that solid club stopper. A ...
BBO Team games
I get screwed up sometimes, and rotate them by -90 degrees instead. ;)
Delayed Viewing - Best of Both Worlds
Beware slow play at one table. If you play slowly enough to catch up to the delay, then you get a peek at a board. Then boards need to be tossed for a table that is playing too slowly.
Is this an exception to a rule
I'd have wanted to go the HCH route, except that partner bid 1♠. That makes me like my hand less than I would otherwise. I'll take the low road with 1♡-1♠-2♡, unless partner wants to bid again. If I did rebid 2♣ despite my misgivings then ...
Need volunteers to test multiple team matches on BBO playing same hands
But how do you accomplish this and still prevent those who want to do so, from learning the hands in advance? From sending information to others playing the known same hands?
BBO Director call (which did not happen)
Well, it might for you. I was apparently using blurry vision, counting the diamond suit as 6 cards in length in dummy. :) :)
BBO Director call (which did not happen)
Remember that at the end of the event, there are probably dozens of unfinished hands to resolve, and people wanting to know what their score is. So someone is asked to look at the partially played hand, and must then predict the final result at your table. One thing they ...
TBF (Turkish Bridge Federation) is making their first online national team tournament!
"I think it requires a lot of courage to try and do this. I wish all of them luck and an enjoyable event. " Yes. Good luck and good skill to all involved. My commendations to the TBF for finding a way to move forward. (As well to all the other ...
Summer NABC Moved
Max- this is not a question of finding humor. We all need humor these days, and I will be a person at a bridge table who laughs often, though sometimes too loudly (sorry about that.) But when you joke about this, you make it easier for others to joke about ...
Summer NABC Moved
Sue - while you think there is no harm to joke about things like this, perhaps you need to remember that every time you joke about something deadly, it makes it a little easier for others to disregard the risks they take, perhaps with my life or the life of my ...

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