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John Diamond
John Diamond
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April 26, 2011
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about me

I am a former trader and computer programmer.  I live in Florida with my wife and my two young kids.

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
winning the Spingold 4-handed, and winning the Rosenblum
Bridge Accomplishments
won the Rosenblum (2010), the Spingold (2010, 2017), and the World Junior Championship (1991). 2nd place in the Reisinger (2016), and the Vanderbilt (2009, 2012, 2015). Several wins in national swiss and pair events. WBF World Grand Master
Regular Bridge Partners
Brian Platnick
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ACBL Ranking
Grand Life Master
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Spingold Deal
I started with 2 showing and a Major, but I think pass is better like they did at the other table. The rest of the auction was the same at both tables.
DIAMOND Wins Spingold
A defender announcing at trick one that he is just thinking about the hand, or any variation on that, should go the way of the stop card and the dodo bird.
DIAMOND Wins Spingold
I went down 3 and we lost 14 imps on that hand.
What do you think?
Don: "I don't know a single expert who would pass the North hand white on red when partner opens 1♠, so I don't see how it could be a systemic agreement." I was referring to the hand in question. "What do I think? I think that East-West haven ...
What do you think?
Surely if anything should be alerted it is the response. Imagine if the opening is alerted as limited but hardly ever passed, and then the next hand thinks for 45 seconds and passes (which is Authorized Info for responder), and then responder chooses to pass. The FBI will be at ...
What do you think?
What should be alerted? The non-forcing opening whose range contains exactly what the opponents expect, or the response to it?
What do you think?
Mike, I must admit that I would probably bid over 1M at favorable, no matter what I have. But I wouldn't expect every expert to do so, and I would not consider it stupid not to. The problem as I think we all see, is that what is standard ...
What do you think?
And I did not say that no strong player would ever pass 1 at favorable. But I don't think that I would ever pass 1 at favorable with a singleton spade.
What do you think?
I thought we were talking about the hand in question, not some other North hand. And are you suggesting that I might open 1M on a game force hand white on red, knowing that partner is very unlikely to pass? It's not something that had ever occurred to me ...
What do you think?
What I mean is that if I sat down with (or against) an expert I had never played with before, I would be shocked if he passed the North hand.

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