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Long Hesitation
I would double in a flash on a smooth auction and anything other than (a very reluctant) pass would not occur to me. Come to think of it double is a bid I have never made after a tank by partner. Is that not a bid that should always be ...
Long Hesitation
The bids I normally make are only subject to additional penalty by my partner and/or the kibitzers.
Long Hesitation
I feel free in general to make the bid I would normally make and accept any ruling should I be judged to be mistaken. However when that bid is double (as it is here) and that bid carries no risk and caters with max flexibility to whatever the tank was ...
Flannery Disclosure
Our frequent teammates play Flannery and alert 1nt. At our Regional last year our opponents (very good players) from out of town did too. They had this auction and alerted us and I got to say "push" mid-auction. Not specifically addressed on the ACBL Alert Chart, I expect it should ...
Super-accepting after 1NT opener
Plus super accept with 3 of a new suit (or 2s over 2d) = 3 pieces in the xfer suit and a good 5-card side suit. We also allow 3M with 3 and a hand unsuitable for notrump (poor doubleton or Aces and spaces) but it's rare. I think partner ...
1!C - 1!H - rebid??
I imagined in under 10 seconds scenarios where notrump from partners side or a 3-4 spade fit with a mini crossruff are the winning spots and bid 1. Not foolproof but helped by our style where we avoid 1nt with a stiff heart and freely rebid 1nt with 4 ...
Another UI situation...
3 was an invite and south bid 3nt on the merit of their cards (black suit holdings and a source of tricks). I don't see the 1/2 of the poll respondents that passed finishing in the top 1/2 of the field.
What's the correct ruling?
Point the Club owner to this thread and politely mention that the um "majority" view is that his ruling was mistaken. Sounds like they are an old dog and this may be a new trick but if you have other playing options and disappear for a while they will get ...
ATB: Slam vs 3NT
Yes North should bid 4 over 3nt. But we wouldn't open the South hand, 1 may have pre-emptive merit but 1 is leading with your chin, especially if you are going to run for cover for the rest of the auction. Not showing your only (modest ...
A list of "Just bridge" situations
I have a non-alertable black box on my ACBL card checked for very light openings in 3rd chair and the same for light/very light overcalls plus often 4-cards. For the very few of the others that I have done, I would consider it misleading to alert the opponents to ...
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