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Junior bridge and league growth: 5 year checkpoint
Fearless predictions #1. The Toronto Youth NABC will do very well. Thanks to Flo Belford, Joel Shapiro and a small army of volunteers. #2. The ACBL doesn't know. I hope I'm wrong but I've been known to make the odd wager.
Todd is CNTC A Winners
If I remember right Nick and Zyggy won this event for the first time by a single imp at the very end (+800 against 1C doubled?) and we haven't had such an exciting finish since. Well done to all.
How do you rule?
The only faux pas by west is saying that play should continue, poor form after a claim has been made. Just call the director and get the last two tricks for the style points. There, I FINALLY beat Ed to the punch! ps. A new class of split rulings is ...
Absolutely! Even if 4 is non-forcing (debatable) or south has a better bid at that point (not as debatable) a simple raise by north is an extreme dereliction of duty.
Gatlinburg Regional 2017
If you build it, they will come... NOT! I couldn't agree more and fondly remember the days when ours was (every 2nd or 3rd year) the only Regional on the calendar that week and all the stars showed up, Meckwell, Barry Crane etc. There was a real sense of ...
dump bidding boxes - all in favour ?
This whole thing is so contrary to my experience. 23 classes in 14 Elementary schools in 2005 and they all LOVED it when we introduced bidding boxes. They started out with laminated bidding ladders and the boxes eliminated the mental gymnastics of what the next available bid is. It also ...
What are the ethical obligations?
Any bids that have a potentially unusual/unexpected meaning are alertable and in that spirit carding agreements should be too. My preference is to say something like we play Rusinow leads with a twist that you may want to ask about for an honour lead at the start of the ...
What a fix
I failed to Q by a hair in my first GNP qualifier when 2 loll's bid 1 - 2 float on 18 opposite 15 and a 9-card fit. We chuckled until we saw our big fat zero.
Open Kansas City Discussion Thread
The Directors are not paid by the hour (or effort) and are well represented by a professional lobbyist. For our next Regional they have proposed that our Sunday Swiss be run as a 2 board speedball and if we start the event by noon on Saturday they can all be ...
How would you rule?
If 3nt had been alerted would the double of 4 be passed? Maybe with some trepidation by many but auto for me just as it is without the alert cause I'm allergic to UI.
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