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April 30, 2013
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Falling numbers in Orlando
I considered Orlando seriously but having been to an NABC there I looked at the extras expense wise. Resort fees and parking were not clear at the time I had to decide, dining options, entry fees/session etc. If they had 1/2 a brain they would hold this in ...
Treatments over 1NT with 5-card major
We don't do much and often play in 3nt with our 5-3 major fits. After stayman and say, 2 then 2nt by partner we bid 3 forcing to show the 5-bagger but can choose to play 3nt instead depending on honour distribution if we don't own ...
Deportment -- who's at fault?
1. Anyone that can use the word senescence can make a proper statement of claim which you did not. 2. This is akin to explaining an alert repeatedly with the name of a convention. Whether a particular signal in the circumstance is count, attitude or suit preference is often a ...
What are your pet peeves?
The rockers who vibrate their legs with such a blur I get motion sickness.
(1H) P (1S) P (2H) X = ?
They all lead to my favorite little black box (unalertable) on the ACBL convention card which rather brilliantly says "cards".
Do You Have Any Fun/Funny Lesson Hands for Intermediates?
An opponent did that once against me in a slam and when he led something and told dummy to ruff low dummy said "What with? We're in 6nt".
Is style disclosable?
Some things are covered on my convention card such as VERY LIGHT with 4 check boxes for Openings, 3rd Hand, Doubles and Pre-Empts. Others are not as Peg notes that you and your partner may have opposite styles for pre-empts etc. All are disclosed if we are asked but even ...
Do You Have Any Fun/Funny Lesson Hands for Intermediates?
Just as a quick ice breaker I have laid out the James Bond hand at all tables and walked them through the story and the play. Cross ruffing and suit establishment while efficiently drawing trumps get a mention as well as the fact that the hand is claimed so early ...
1S or 2C? Which one is more common in experts?
Raising responders suit is supposed to solve problems and lead to a comfortable auction most of the time. If my 2 bid were raised here I would gag.
The sneak
Years ago my partner opened 1, lho bid 2nt and I closed things with 4. Partner won the opening lead (may have been a stiff spade) and led a low club from something like KJ982 to dummies stiff 6 or 7. Winning.

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