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John Gillespie
John Gillespie
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April 30, 2013
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Can he or can't he?
I once had a teammate in a Sectional Swiss asked if she could see the last trick against a couple of multiple National champs. They correctly said no as 1. Technically her partner had played to the next trick. 2. Practically, she was legally blind Oh for a return to ...
weak 2 bid respones
We've been using intervening bids after 3 as a sort of "how sorry are you" inquiry but this looks better frequency wise.
weak 2 bid respones
We duct taped all the responses together as follows and I'm sure it could be improved on but it's playable with pick-up/casual partners . After 2nt 3 = I'm sorry I opened 3 = Medium strength with a short suit somewhere then 3 asks for it ...
Guidelines for judgment decisions?
The amicable part is at least as important a skill that I admire in the majority of Directors I have dealt with.
Bridge Stories and Jokes
Played with my wife when we were still dating in a Regional Swiss at the NABC's in Orlando, just down the street from the Magic Kingdom. Got to the table and there was a midget with a bright lamp, magnifying glass and hearing aids. She asked if we would ...
Bridge Stories and Jokes
I went to dinner with an old friend at a Toronto NABC years after he had moved to the west coast. He told me that playing bridge there they had all the same characters and I told him, you don't have a Pierre Treuill. Pierre was an actuary and ...
ATB NS one down instead of EW
I was. Anything with bacon but no pineapple under any circumstances.
Have you discussed this situation?
Just after discussing that pass of a redouble is to play and opposite a passed hand, I doubled a 1 opener on a piece of cheese, rdbl passed back to me. I cut and ran, partner chased me around the rest of the auction and settled in 4 ...
Zayac Wins District 21 Seat
"bridge is first encouraged and then taught to our young folk, along with their peers, early in life" The prime directive, or should be.
ATB NS one down instead of EW
Our meta rule is don't pull unless you think it's to a plus. The south hand is very close but the doubleton spade is more likely to be opposite 2 as well vs. against a traditional weak 2 and the north hand doesn't have to be ...
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