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April 30, 2013
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Gatlinburg Regional 2018 hits 8109 tables
I think bridgewinners should have an Open Discussion thread for Gatlinburg like they do for NABC's. Places to eat, things to do etc. for a LOT of people.
Where did East-West go so far wrong on this hand?
Reverse the round suits and I would have a touch of sympathy for 1 but only a touch. Opening on xxx should get the "Where is the hand you had during the bidding" comment from partner when the dummy comes down. I don't consider wests 4 that ...
Can being fully ethical be unethical?
If 2 is alertable is it any surprise that your average player has so much trouble following the rules? When I bid 2 I may (or not) have a minor, no alert. Take the case of Stayman over 1nt without a major. Used to be an alert, then ...
Suggest an Auction
If west chose to rebid 2 over 1 (I would not but my partner might well) it's a piece of cake. 3 game force by East followed by rkc after west does whatever and specific kings after the Queen ask.
How do you use 3NT in this auction?
As long as 3x is not clubs it denies the A and wants to hear about it possibly saving a full round of cue bidding. Over 3 it should probably be slam interest with clubs (AKxxx?) and good trumps lacking in the unbids. Too rare for us to have ...
In The Well: Chip Martel
Hi Chip, Can you tell me a bit about your Rosenblum Cup win in 1994? I was told that your team was so buried in the Swiss that Seymon Deutsch flew home, you blitzed the last 2 (or more?) matches and made it into and through a 3-way playoff for ...
Curious accusation in Philadelphia
"Hold your cards back partner" I only use that line on BBO
Curious accusation in Philadelphia
There is a growing paranoia about bridge ethics as a fallout from recent bombshell events that is starting to bug me. Call the Director as appropriate (whether accusing or accused) and let's get a handle on what I suspect may cause serious harm to our game.
There is an error in the auction. What did north really bid over 1?
Opinion on a director's ruling.
Not only that, the 4 bid over 3nt is for sure reading the failure to alert. n/s are not required to be perfect when facing a problem no other pairs have and that is caused by the offending side.
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