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April 30, 2013
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Why a balancing 1NT should be any different from direct NT overcall?
You also have the advantage of knowing where most of the missing high cards are which is often worth a trick in the play of the hand. Should the opponents bid on partners defence will also be more effective at least by mid-hand than if you had passed or even ...
Lanzarotti Readmitted and the ACBL?
I think "I don't have enough information" (why not?) = No. At least until further notice.
Missing alert
I'm in the acbl where 2 is not alertable (today? yesterday? tomorrow?) I think. If it was alertable wherever this occurred I object strongly (yet again) to the notion that the non-offenders have to protect themselves by asking if competent opponents have bothered to follow THE %%#@!%& RULES! Often ...
Best defence to a possibly-short 1C?
Against a strong club we overcall naturally and often on a lead directing 4-card suit aiming at first to set the defence. Direct overcalls tend strongly to deny a decent opening hand as we pass with those unless very shapely where dbl = majors and 1nt = minors doesn't fit. After ...
New Event - Double Elimination KO - Toronto Regional
Gotta run it at least twice (or more) to see if it catches on. The optics of collecting 3 sessions of entries for 2 sessions of hands played is particularly bad.
Lanzarotti Readmitted to ACBL
"However, as he became familiar with their methods, both from kibitzing so many hands and from studying their system notes, which they voluntarily provided to him" This from Richard Colker. So our National Recorder is provided with your system notes and kibitzes for thousands of hands..... none of which you ...
You call the Director. You get a ruling
I have been able to quote the relevant laws and state my case effectively during the directors deliberation for a loooong time should I think they are on the wrong track. I may be an outlier but have NEVER appealed a ruling in 40 years. Only had 3 or 4 ...
What bridge really needs to become relevant again.
Recruit experts to play a simple system, understandable to the hoi paloi (with a bit of help), put up some prize money and televise it. Youtube it as well, along with the most basic lessons. Commentators can touch on the complexities that await newcomers to intrigue them without scaring them ...
Do You Count Your Cards?
My first ever psyche was opening 1 on a 2 count and then realizing I had counted 13 cards, not points. I still do it almost always but face down now.
Were NS damaged because of misinformation?
Playing 3 as fit showing AND forcing is "daft" and when not including "forcing" in the explanation is bizarre.

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