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Feb. 3, 2017
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about me

I live in England and am retired. I was never better than a very average player, and nowadays play only "kitchen bridge". However I still follow the game. I'm active on Wikipedia, where I have contributed to a number of articles on bridge and cricket.

United Kingdom

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Feature articles - historical and biographical
I always enjoy reading your articles, and I am looking forward to the upcoming ones. On a pedantic note, shouldn't it be "Bridge magazine" to avoid any possible confusion, "Bridge Magazine" being an altogether different publication?
New Bridge Magazine!
This is very good news. I've duly registered. At least, I think I have, as I didn't get an automated confirmatory email like I was expecting.
Bridge Magazine RIP?
That's a shame. I ceased being a subscriber a few years ago, so I feel slightly guilty for being in a small way responsible for it seemingly no longer being economically viable. What caused me to stop subscribing was their decision to cease publishing a printed version and to ...
Shireen Mohandes's bidding problem: --- KT93 87432 7652
If it's a penny a hundred, I think I'd bid 5H. But if it's £10 a hundred, I'd pass. :)
Harrison-Gray the novelist - which pen name?
The dates from the London Gazette that Paul quotes are rather confusing: On 16th April 1943 M. C. HARRISON-GRAY was reported to have been promoted to Flying Officer On 20th August 1943 the notification of 16th April 1943 concerning M. C. HARRISON-GRAY was cancelled 2nd July 1943: M. C. H ...
Yet Another "Identify That Bridge Player"
Clue 4 seemed to ring a bell, but it was only with clue 5 that light finally dawned.
Harrison-Gray the novelist - which pen name?
"...after leaving Haileybury School he joined the family brewing business. When the company was taken over he turned to writing, at first fiction..." Do we know when the family business was taken over? If so, that might help in searching for his fiction.
bridge cartoons and caricature
The third cartoon from "Punch" will always remain topical. With the link, putting in "Culbertson" as the search term turns up five cartoons by Tom Webster (no relation to the US cartoonist as far as I know) featuring Ely Culbertson.
Trivia - thanks to Barry for the idea
I thought of him/her as a possibility after number 3, but it was only after number 4 that I was reasonably certain. Incidentally, though "Aces All" and "Bridge at the Top" are both out of print, second-hand copies are readily available via Amazon UK.
Bridge Wives (1932), a movie short, watch it on YouTube
Where can I get one of those indestructible radios? I imagine that everyone has seen the bridge game in the Marx Brothers' film "Animal Crackers", showing that cheating at bridge is nothing new?

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