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Feb. 3, 2017
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about me

I live in England and am retired. I was never better than a very average player, and nowadays play only "kitchen bridge". However I still follow the game. I'm active on Wikipedia, where I have contributed to a number of articles on bridge and cricket.

United Kingdom

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Sir Everton Weekes
"Pakistan, SriLanka and England are duking it out for the fourth spot" Don't forget Bangladesh, who could also finish fourth. Their final game is against Pakistan, which could turn out to effectively be a quarter-final.
"Killing Eve"
ISTR that the scene in question is available on Youtube. I thought that I had a link to it, but I seem to have mislaid it.
Watch 1983 TV Series “Master Bridge” on YouTube.
And there was me thinking that Sami Kehela had an eastern European accent!
Watch 1983 TV Series “Master Bridge” on YouTube.
Absolutely. Thank you, Shireen. So far I've only watched episode 1, where I especially enjoyed the second hand. It's such an interesting deal, that I suspect that it was pre-prepared rather than randomly dealt at the table. Either that, or the producers got very lucky in having something ...
What should the selectors do?
I voted: "The Selectors should lean towards selecting the team that qualified but should bear in mind that they are aiming to select a team good enough to win a World Championship." The women's team would surely be stronger for the inclusion of Nicola Smith, though it would be ...
A sign of things to come
That's very sad. As an ordinary EBU member, I view the Olympiad as being second in importance only to the Bermuda Bowl and Venice Cup, and want England to be represented by the strongest possible Open and Women's teams. If that's not the majority attitude amongst EBU ...
Today's problems were yesterday's problems too
The whole magazine is a fascinating read. I was amused by this in the editor's introductory piece, concerning the criteria for international selection: "match temperament, social polish, suavity at the table, as well as ethical conduct must come under consideration as well as technical ability". We don't want ...
Feature articles - historical and biographical
I always enjoy reading your articles, and I am looking forward to the upcoming ones. On a pedantic note, shouldn't it be "Bridge magazine" to avoid any possible confusion, "Bridge Magazine" being an altogether different publication?
New Bridge Magazine!
This is very good news. I've duly registered. At least, I think I have, as I didn't get an automated confirmatory email like I was expecting.
Bridge Magazine RIP?
That's a shame. I ceased being a subscriber a few years ago, so I feel slightly guilty for being in a small way responsible for it seemingly no longer being economically viable. What caused me to stop subscribing was their decision to cease publishing a printed version and to ...

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