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about me

I live in England and am retired. I was never better than a very average player, and nowadays play only "kitchen bridge". However I still follow the game. I'm active on Wikipedia, where I have contributed to a number of articles on bridge and cricket.

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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Trivia - thanks to Barry for the idea
I thought of him/her as a possibility after number 3, but it was only after number 4 that I was reasonably certain. Incidentally, though "Aces All" and "Bridge at the Top" are both out of print, second-hand copies are readily available via Amazon UK.
Bridge Wives (1932), a movie short, watch it on YouTube
Where can I get one of those indestructible radios? I imagine that everyone has seen the bridge game in the Marx Brothers' film "Animal Crackers", showing that cheating at bridge is nothing new?
So you knew Skid and Stern?
Excellent. I confess to knowing nothing about Louisa Chamberlain and George Lengyel, so I should find those articles particularly informative.
So you knew Skid and Stern?
Wow! I envy Valentine Ramsey. Simon and Stern were arguably the two most larger-than-life characters in the history of English bridge - though perhaps I ought to add Rixi Markus as a third. And to have been taught bridge by Reese! BTW, do you have any plans to write a piece ...
So you knew Skid and Stern?
But for all that, it's a marvellously entertaining read.
rare book: IBL Championships 1934 - do you have one in the attic?
I've just done a search online to see what I could find. I didn't unearth a copy of the book, but I did turn up a Dutch bridge club who in 2014 ran a competition in which teams would, I think, score themselves against the results in the ...
Code breaking bridge players, WW2
I did wonder about Hubert Phillips, who sounds like just the sort of person that Bletchley Park would have been interested in. But a quick search on the web hasn't turned up any information on what he was doing during WW2.
are you a Wiki editor?
are you a Wiki editor?
Thanks to Shireen contacting me today, and our exchanging emails about various Wikipedia-related stuff, I decided that it might be a good idea for me to join Bridgewinners, so here I am. :)

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