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John Hoffman
John Hoffman
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April 21, 2012
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about me

I started playing bridge when 6 high card points was the minimum for a one level response. I followed my parents' advice ("Never become a bridge pro"), and became a software professional instead, specializing in build, release, and infrastructure.

I compete well at times against high level opposition if I maintain focus and personal energy at the table. Play 2/1 with lots of gadgets, some borrowed and some home grown. Favorites include Good-Bad 2N, XYZ, Non-serious 3N. 

United States of America

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Michael Rosenberg - John Hoffman
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David Corn's bidding problem: 87 AKQ953 T85 53
In Warped 2/1, a support double at the 1 level shows less than about 16 points (including useful shape), so pass would be more clear cut.
Ray Yuenger's bidding problem: A J8732 8642 972
It would be helpful to know if dbl of the 1NT opening bid shows a good hand (i.e. about 15+ playing points).
Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: KQJ4 J43 AKT74 5
I would expect 2S to be forcing for one round and to show a much stronger hand.
Rich Regan's bidding problem: 9 KQT72 AK74 KJ9
I like double of 4H and higher to show convertible values.
Daniel Jackson's bidding problem: JT --- A976532 JT63
In Warped 2/1, a 2S response to a 1C or 1D shows 5-9 hcp and 5+ cards in opener's minor. As a result, inverted minor responses promise 10+ hcp, and jumps to 3 of opener's minor are quite weak. This approach fills some gaps in common methods.
Lead a heart. Elwell double (a convention that pre-dates modern contract bridge).
Prize money in bridge?
I recall playing in a sectional in New York City in about 1968 in which my partner Mandy Whelan and I eked out a section top. Each of us received a $10 prize, which was roughly equal to the entry fee. More noteworthy: 8 of the hands at our table ...
Thomas Berg's bidding problem: A75 852 T94 AK64
Open all AK-A hands when playing modern light openers. The primary benefit is to remove this specific control holding from the set of hands that would pass with 11 hcp.
Sabrina Miles's bidding problem: AJ Q43 QJ853 K95
The problem with bidding 4D is that partner might expect me to have my bid.
Han Peters's bidding problem: 4 A7432 AQJ7 AQ8
5H might make, or it might end up being a transfer to 5S.

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