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John Hoffman
John Hoffman
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April 21, 2012
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about me

I started playing bridge when 6 high card points was the minimum for a one level response. I followed my parents' advice ("Never become a bridge pro"), and became a software professional instead, specializing in build, release, and infrastructure.

I compete well at times against high level opposition if I maintain focus and personal energy at the table. Play 2/1 with lots of gadgets, some borrowed and some home grown. Favorites include Good-Bad 2N, XYZ, Non-serious 3N. 

United States of America

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Michael Rosenberg - John Hoffman
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Allen Kahn's bidding problem: AK6 A6 AKJ9762 3
Bid 2C, artificial and forcing 1 round, in Warped 2/1. We adapted this from the Cole convention with Bridge World Death Hands as the initial use case.
Barry Dehlin's bidding problem: AK765 AKJ92 AQ K
With most partners, 4D would be preempt keycard, but the conditions of contest appear to preclude any expectation.
David Parsons's bidding problem: KQ97 76543 JT J8
The fifth heart is a significant plus factor, so I'm not passing. We are playing a method that allows us to affordably and ethically differentiate between an invite and a competitive bid, so why not use the tool?
Ian Grant's bidding problem: AK82 T76 J962 75
An upside of this situation is that partner's assessment will not be based on possible tricks in spades. On that basis, I think partner is in a better position to guess right.
Robert Dixon's bidding problem: AK83 Q865 2 AKJ4
Partner could easily be 3=3=4=3. My holding is tenuous even if partner has 4 of them. I think partner will rarely pass 3 when it is right to go to game.
Richard Brown's bidding problem: AT87 AK A8543 95
Sigh. You had it all planned out and could handle any response by partner after your 1 opener. Why would South even consider coming in with an obviously modest holding? I would open 1 next time too, but I will stop saying "What could possibly go wrong ...
Jay Michaels's bidding problem: A53 AK73 KQT86 6
In Warped 2/1, bid 2 (artificial, appx 16+ playing points) where redouble would show exactly 3 spades and fewer than 16 points in support. With all other partnerships, keep it simple.
Ercan Cem's bidding problem: A7543 2 AKJ T843
Clubs might be difficult to handle, with RHO probably having shortness behind partner. Declarer's meager spade spots make it likely that dummy's holding will be subject to trump promotions, or trump honors will have to be used on ruffs (another form of promotion).
Rafael Sacramento's bidding problem: AQJ42 AK654 86 3
In most of my partnerships, double of 2 is takeout and shows some extra values. Double of 2 or 2 is takeout but does not show or deny extra values.
Did anybody do anything wrong?
It looks like East-West forgot to play weak NT openings and missed their pretty good fit.

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