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John Hoffman
John Hoffman
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April 21, 2012
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about me

I started playing bridge when 6 high card points was the minimum for a one level response. I followed my parents' advice ("Never become a bridge pro"), and became a software professional instead, specializing in build, release, and infrastructure.

I compete well at times against high level opposition if I maintain focus and personal energy at the table. Play 2/1 with lots of gadgets, some borrowed and some home grown. Favorites include Good-Bad 2N, XYZ, Non-serious 3N. 

United States of America

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Michael Rosenberg - John Hoffman
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Daniel Sonner's bidding problem: AQJ6 A8 AJ5 QJ73
4S in common methods. 3H (artificial game force in spades without a singleton or void) in Warped 2/1, leaving more room for slam exploration.
Andy Stark's bidding problem: AJ872 KQT4 5 AQ5
Partner will raise 3S to 4S with honor-doubleton or maybe even small doubleton in spades. In that case, 4S might play ok, but it seems hard to explore effectively for slam. Meanwhile, 6C has good chances if partner shows 2 keycards, and 5C looks safe.
Matthew Dyer's bidding problem: Q63 J63 JT AKT83
I would consider defending at this level with fewer than 3 cards in opener's major. As it is, this looks like an invite to me.
Jump minor rebid in 2/1
This appears to be a bidding poll for who plays "2/1 GF unless suit rebid".
Jump minor rebid in 2/1
In Warped 2/1, 1m-1M-3m shows an invite (just like everyone else) but denies 3 card support for the major. We play 1D-1M-2C and 1C-1M-2D as artificial with 16+ playing points, including invites or better with 3 card support for the major.
Eric Leong's bidding problem: A AKJ KJ74 96532
In Warped 2/1, playing 15-17 NT openers, this is a max for a 1NT rebid after a 1S response.
Daniel Sonner's bidding problem: 9 AQJ4 JT963 A62
Rebid 1NT. I am grateful that the choices are not limited by playing 12-14 NT openers (or regretful on this hand if that is our range).
Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: AKJ642 K83 Q2 K6
It would be useful to know whether the partnership agreement is for a 2S rebid to show 6 or more spades.
Andrzej Matuszewski's bidding problem: KJ95 Q85 KQ87 A8
The problem might be more interesting if East had doubled the 2C bid.
Meaning of spades bids in a XYZ auction
In Warped 2/1: 1S = 5+ diamonds, 4 spades, less than invite 2S = 5+ diamonds, 4 spades, GF with very good honors in both suits

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