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John Hoffman
John Hoffman
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April 21, 2012
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about me

I started playing bridge when 6 high card points was the minimum for a one level response. I followed my parents' advice ("Never become a bridge pro"), and became a software professional instead, specializing in build, release, and infrastructure.

I compete well at times against high level opposition if I maintain focus and personal energy at the table. Play 2/1 with lots of gadgets, some borrowed and some home grown. Favorites include Good-Bad 2N, XYZ, Non-serious 3N. 

United States of America

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Michael Rosenberg - John Hoffman
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Itzik Ezra's bidding problem: 72 KQJ9852 652 T
3 seems like an underbid with 7 very good trumps at favorable vul. LHO does not have an affordable cue bid over 4.
Phil Clayton's bidding problem: KJ83 AKQJ 3 A963
In Warped 2/1, 4 after 3 by RHO (preempt or raise of a preempt) is an artificial slam try in hearts if hearts have been bid by either of us. In this case, the negative double shows 4+ hearts.
Steve Myerson's bidding problem: KQ AQ95 KJ43 JT9
LHO might have only 11 hcp, and RHO might have 4 hcp and a singleton. In Warped 2/1, double can be very light with appropriate shape in this situation, so we play Lebensohl by advancer.
Merijn Groenenboom's bidding problem: AK752 32 AKJ 432
I prefer 1NT because I really dislike rebidding 2 with 432 after a 1NT response.
Andreas Babsch's bidding problem: AQ6543 43 J52 A6
In my experience, relatively few partnerships have clear agreements about handling interference in this type of situation.
How should these hands be bid playing 2/1 GF?
re: IMO, the 3♣ rebid would be consistent with something like Axx-xx-AKJxx-Jxx. This might be a good bidding poll, but it might be even better with 3 small s and a spot in another suit changed to Jack. Perhaps this scenario already has been thoroughly polled. Does BridgeWinners have search ...
Brad Rind's bidding problem: 94 AKQ2 AK AKJ84
I think we are ahead of some of the field that did not open 2 due to bidding methods (i.e. some other meaning for 2) or style. Most of those auctions probably started with 2 in 4th seat by South, or perhaps 2 by East ...
Andy Stark's bidding problem: J875 A532 A93 A4
The main hope for slam is for partner to have a source of tricks and awareness of which useful cards are in my hand. The aces are easy to show if partner chooses to ask. 4 cue bid is an affordable investment if non-serious 3NT is not available.
Ray Yuenger's bidding problem: K6432 752 AK7 Q4
I think 3 by partner showed 4 (or possibly 5) s, but did not promise much quality in the trump suit or anything above minimum strength for the double. I would expect partner to make this call on most hands that have only three s. This is in the ...
How far to go for full disclosure
I think it is best to defer any mention of a possible forgetfulness issue until after the auction is over if we declare. If we defend, then wait until after the end of play. If partner turns out to have forgotten, then volunteer this information to the opponents if they ...

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