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John Holmes
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Nov. 17, 2014
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Oct. 27
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United Kingdom

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What to continue?
It's only a singleton if he scratches his right ear ;)
What to continue?
To know how to continue would depend on knowing which card partner played at T1
Permissible enquiry?
Declarer should ask BEFORE the opening lead is faced
Permissible enquiry?
If partner leads the 2 he always has the Ace, or a valid excuse for not having it ;)
Entering leads on Bridgemates
only if the software "knows" the deal; which ours(quite rightly) does not
System design advice, please
responder bid 2 with a 6+ diamond suit ??????? no wonder he's got problems surely 1D is forcing enough and why didn't opener just accept the transfer
Entering leads on Bridgemates
I usually just skip the bit where it asks for the opening lead. it's optional in our software . In my view it's a waste of time and serves no purpose.
System design advice, please
"Opener has shown a balanced 15-16 HCP" well that's either a 1NT opener or a 1NT rebid according to one's methods So I'm assuming that you must be playing a weak notrump and have opened 1C. The question then is :How did you get to 2NT without ...
competing after passing, partner bids a weak nt and there is a natural 2M overcall
The double of 2S is different to the double of any other overcall, and should be penalty. It is very rare that we belong in a three-level partial
bridge experts with gambling addiction?
Nothing gets in the way of me enjoying at least one Cuban cigar a day

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