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John Holmes
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Nov. 17, 2014
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July 21
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about me

rubber bridge is my game

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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Yuan Shen's bidding problem: AKQT875 --- AKJ985 ---
How about opening 4 SA Texas, and rebidding 6; I think that partner should get the idea!
What is needed for opener of a limited bid to make a game forcing splinter raise?
You can't open 2 with a diamond suit as it gets buried by the 2 relay. I have played Precision since the early seventies and have always canopeed minor 2 suiters
Any ideas about what yu should do after a forcing no-trump respnse to 1!S
I would have passed 1
What is needed for opener of a limited bid to make a game forcing splinter raise?
You need a bid that sAys that my clubs are longer than my diamonds; for this the jump shift is suitable
Experimenting with weak NT
weak take-outs have been played for donkey's years Ian
Experimenting with weak NT
Rafael has just made the case for strong club systems with a WNT
What is a Bloomer?
A Bloomer is a loaf of bread
Matt Muir's bidding problem: T873 AKQ965 J5 6
usually a bad idea to pre-empt with hands playable in more than one strain. Clear to open at the one level with this.
Jeroen Wieland's bidding problem: AT7 AKJT5 KJ62 Q
If partner had 5 spades he would have bid them rather than doubled therefore your fit is in diamonds and you should bid them
The Worst Convention Ever
"Partner, do you have a real opening bid? That my friend is fielding a psyche, which is why the convention should be baaneed

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