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Nov. 17, 2014
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A general approach to "playing strength" openings
I don't know what game you're playing, but it ain't bridge
Does anybody dislike 2/1?
the frequent obligation to rebid a three-card minor over a forcing 1NT response. I've played that as part of Precision since the early is very very useful. ( nowt to do with 2/1)
No system bid? Times have changed?
I usually play 1M-2nt as 15+ flattish hand
Bidding in competition (when all players are bidding)
3S is simply bidding to the level of fit, partner deserves to know that you have a good raise so bid 3C
This double is takeout or penalty?
Pass with a potential penalty double, partner will always re-open with a double X= 4 spades
What kind of duck is this?
not all ducks quack
Splinter in Opener's Suit?
The first one is a violation of the rule that you don't q shortness in opener's suit, there is no such rule
Ian , why not open 1NT ? that flat 15 with 4 pts in the doubleton spade suit is still a weak notrump If LHO doubles then you partner can remove to 2C
I think opener can open 1NT with a flat 15 vulnerable, it's still in the weak notrump range
Playing Weak NT - How do do you find a 4-4 fit in spades after 1m=1H ?
You can't open 1S with a balanced 15-17 as you won't have a rebid

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