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John Holmes
John Holmes
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Nov. 17, 2014
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about me

rubber bridge is my game

United Kingdom

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Meaning of 2NT response to 2!C?
positive , aceless hand
When Computers Deal Like We Used To
1NT is even worse !!
Name the lowest card with which you would reply to partner's 1!D opening
not when opening third in hand it ain't
Name the lowest card with which you would reply to partner's 1!D opening
so a precision pair would have to alert 1M response to 1 as it is not forcing?
Garbage Stayman or Invitational
with two suits one uses transfers; that is what they were devised for
Two-suited Overcalls
multi landy can be used with single suiters Ian
Law on Bidding after Pause
The worst offenders are the ones who fiddle with their bidding box, um and ah, and then pass
That 4D-5C hand again
I play a strong club system, but would downgrade this to a 1 opener
Utility of a 3-card super-accept raise over Jacoby Transfers and a Strong NT
if you play 2 as super accept of hearts and 2NT as super accept of spades, responder can still show his shape
Ian Grant's bidding problem: AKQ4 JT98 QJ32 5
I get to open 2 with 4441 in my methods, so after the club pre-empt partner would have the decision

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