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Opener's two-level "reverse" after a 2/1 GF
and the right order is spades first
How forcing is 1!C - (2!H) - 3!H?
3H ia a DAB asking for help in stopping hearts and yes 3S can be passed
Opener's two-level "reverse" after a 2/1 GF
It ALWAYS shows extras
Opener's two-level "reverse" after a 2/1 GF
Your beginners are taught " after 1♥ - 2♦ opener can rebid 2♠ with a dead minimum"....since this forces preference at the 3-level this shows a very strong hand......even in a precision context where opening hands are limited it is most decidedly better than minimum. Partner denied spades by not ...
What is 4NT
6-6 two suiter
What is 1!C - (1!S) - 2!S?
Your partner opened, unassuming cuebids only apply after an overcall, therefore it is a directional asking bid for a spade stop. It denies a club raise.
What is 1!C - (1!S) - 2!S?
It is a directional asking bid, denies a club raise and asks for help in stopping spades
Is 2!H forcing?
with 5-card heart suit he would not redouble, he would bid it
Multi continuations
Americans don't speak English, they speak Spanish, American and a whole host of other languages, but the one language they do not speak is English.
Too stringent with the announcements/alerts?
when my partner opens a P 1 I say "maybe two"; anything further is reminding/ coaching partner about the system and is therefore proscribed

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