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John Holmes
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Nov. 17, 2014
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United Kingdom

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Explain this double
I think it's asking partner how many spades he has, that is to say "We belong in spades IFF you have 5+ spades"
ATB, if any, for this missed slam
West might have started with a double of 3
Can Dummy Point Out a Card Turned Incorrectly?
Dummy isn't a player; he is an agent for declarer.
Can Dummy Point Out a Card Turned Incorrectly?
Dummy may point it out when play has concluded, and not before.
Why was this easy slam missed?
CAB would have worked on this deal 2-2-3-4-6
Announced bids vs. Alerted bids
I had to tell somebody off the other day for announcing a transfer to hearts: They played it as either hearts or diamonds :the blue book says " must hold at least 5 in the major"
Transfer into opponent's preempt suit at the 3/4-level after a 2NT overcall
I play tat transfer into the enemy suit shows game values, but uncertainty about denomination
11-14 H Weak No Trump
the point of a weak notrump is to avoid making an approach bid with weakness, so the non-1-nt sequences are better
Richard Traxler's bidding problem: AT8542 K5 J632 A
surely 2 would be a fit jump, and 3 a splinter
11-14 H Weak No Trump
If you must play extended range 1NT opening, then you need an extra invite 2=11 2-2X-2NT=12 2NT=13

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