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John Larkin
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Sept. 5, 2016
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Unusual action with UI
Playing at my simple level: I'm south. I've got a hand that looks like it wants to be in a suit contract (6-5). Partner has a NT opener, so when they show no interest interest in my 5 card major, I know they have at least 3 of ...
Showing the Jack of Spades
Is there no poll on the second hand?
Is this a correct ruling?
He who glories in Semantics surely shouldn't say "picky....picky" OR He who lives by the S-word, should......
Would you DELIBERATELY take advantage of a penalty card?
This is a nice example. It points up the difference between "taking advantage of the penalty card" being consistent with normal play (i.e. Not making yourself take a "wrong decision"), and going out of your way to gain from the situation. Now I would expect more to agree with ...
Is this a correct ruling?
RY: I think your admission of bias is quite candid and helpful. It seemed clear already from your posts that you were trying to construct a scenario where the director's decision could in some way be justified, and the director not chastised. Perhaps if we agree that things happen ...
Showing the Eight of Spades
The potential point (not saying 'tis) is that north can somehow "let partner know" he has "nothing" so South assumes his 4.5 losers will not magically become 3. As it happens, the jack doubleton club and shape etc. do raise possibilities, and the manoeuvre could have backfired. But presumably ...
How "expert" is this play?
Not convinced these categories work. They are the ones used in BBO, and the intermediate class, in particular, is all over the place. Worth a thread on its own. I think it depends from which side you approach. Mine: The best players in my country are not world class. So ...
Can you help me figure out if I am crazy or not?
I wonder if this discussion is kind-of missing the point. The semantics of the definition of a reverse seems less important than the question of whether a "reverse" in this situation requires the normal shape/value criteria to make a "reverse" bid. It's like we were discussing what constitutes ...
Showing the Two of Spades
To be fair again to AY (why, I don't know - after he got clippy about "theory"), he is just joining in as suggested.He's not even guessing (oops) at the answer, but only at what Avon is going to say at the end. HIs guess that it is ...
Showing the Four of Spades
JK-W: my apologies in turn. It's my pet phrase fir the Scottish Nationalist hopes (and catchier than "Brexit")
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