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John McAllister
John McAllister
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Basic Information

Member Since
Jan. 4, 2011
Last Seen
3 hours ago
Member Type
Bridge Player
about me

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United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing in the 2014 Rosenblum. After day 1 we were in fourth place playing four-handed. We ate lobster that night :P
Bridge Accomplishments
10th in 2017 Transnational World Championships, 40th in 2014 World Pairs, tied for 9th in 2014 Spingold, 12th in 2014 Platinum Pairs, Reisinger semi-final 2017
Regular Bridge Partners
Peter Fredin
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Jefferson Bridge Association, Regency Whist Club
Favorite Tournaments
NABCs, World Championships
Favorite Conventions
Taking tricks!
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Ruby Life Master
Geg and John McAllister
2/1 GF, 3/1 natural invitational (except 1M-3!d)
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Annie Izard - John McAllister
2 over 1
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Leah Boyer - John McAllister
2 over 1
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John McAllister & George Mittelman
2/1 GF
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John & Kalin
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John and Kevin
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John and Migry
2 over 1
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Copy of John and Migry
2 over 1
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John McAllister and Kent Massie
Copy to my cards View/Print
Sam Lev and John McAllister
Two over One
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John and Kevin
2 over 1
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John and Janice
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What's an Intermediate?
Maybe, I think it was more of a steaming type of redouble which doesn't look so good at the time of the auction given my spade holding. There was also a little, "how dare her" going on in my mind. I don't think I am under an obligation ...
What's an Intermediate?
It was before left doubled, he said something to the effect of you will need to put your skills to the test.
What's an Intermediate?
Thanks David, I really appreciate your detailed analysis and encouragement. Enjoyed reading another one of your articles about a Marty Bergen claim in the 1980's.
An Absurd ACBL Procedure
Michael R: You are also exceptional in that you can remember ever card down to the spot from a 12 board KO match which I held with you as my kibitzer!
Stansby is 2018 Sportsman of the Year
That's an impressive quality in a teammate which you describe. #noted
What's an Intermediate?
I listened to it in my car. Then my mother suggested that I listen to it at a faster speed. I've reached out to his foundation about helping me launch a youth bridge program here in Charlottesville. I have mixed feelings about you reading it!
Oren Kriegel's lead problem: T87543 876 5 842
If my partner is doubling on this hand to break up a squeeze than I’m not paying them enough.
John McAllister's bidding problem: Jxx KQ8xx JTx xx
And then I got seduced by the vulnerability...the old expression about a bird in hand being better than two in the bush comes to mind :(
Year 3: Getting a Little Less Bad
Your analysis away from the table and in this article belies the skill level which you ascribe to yourself! I'm really enjoying the audiobook The Art of Learning, which talks about the difference between a mastery and entity learning framework. As someone that is also aspirational in my bridge ...
In the Well: Dennis Bilde
Hey Dennis, If you had to choose between playing with Christina for a tournament or sharing a room with Simon, the snorer, Hult, which would you choose?

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