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John Miller
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May 16, 2011
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about me

I have recently moved from Virginia, where I grew up, to beautiful Discovery Bay, California to be closer to my investment business. My wife learned to play during her nights off when our oldest son was a newborn. He is now 14 and both he and his younger sister have learned to play. I look forward to us being ready to play as a team in a Swiss event.


When not working or playing bridge, I like to play the piano and be on my skis - jet in the summer and snow in the winter.

United States of America

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Bridge Accomplishments
7th in 2013 Roth Swiss, won 2015 GNT-A, 2012 District 6 GNT double (Open and A), 2011 Machlin Pairs, 2nd in recent club game with my 11-year-old daughter
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Stephen Drodge
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Gold Life Master
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Off the rails again
It is an overlooked advantage of opening 1 with 4=5 minors that you have a clear path to diamond slams. It also does not affect your ability to find club fits if you have appropriate agreements.
Off the rails again
Well, if West starts with 1, then the initial auction is 1 - 1 - 1 - 2 - 2 - 2, and the trump suit is established a level lower. How it proceeds from here is a matter of agreement, but a reasonable auction is 3 ...
Bermuda Bowl RR9: USA1 vs USA2
Far be it from me to criticize Meckstroth, but I don't understand the rush to bid 2 over Grue's balance on board 14 when he holds the master suit. I had teammates do this on a couple of occasions in Toronto and get an unnecessary level higher ...
Lecture--"Balancing"--Tips Requested
Before you balance, make sure you know where the spades are.
Advice sought on ethical question
Yu, I read the same thing, but he nowhere states that South was playing the same convention. Perhaps he was. OP can clarify.
Advice sought on ethical question
Max, yes, that would be a distinct situation. What was not made clear by OP was whether South thought they were playing a convention like my wife does, and North thought they were playing something else, or if South agreed on their convention, but misbid for some reason. Those require ...
Advice sought on ethical question
One element of this that is not obvious to me is that 3 is a superaccept of diamonds. My wife with some of her girlfriends play 2 is a signoff in one minor or the other, but have no concept of superaccept, nor is it clear to me ...
Flipping for Winning
I suspect the dogs were not in Toronto because of issues bringing them across the border.
Where did you learn to play bridge?
Kitchen table for me was my Dad's big Catholic family, but as my parents didn't play, my mom bought me a plastic Autobridge with paper inserts for different hands. Taught me to count losers at trump contracts and winners at NT. Much later I figured out I had ...
Last board of the Spingold
So to speak.

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