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John Miller
John Miller
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May 16, 2011
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Jan. 25
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about me

I have been living in Discovery Bay, California for a couple of years now. My wife learned to play during her nights off when our oldest son was a newborn. He is now 16 and both he and his younger sister have learned to play. They play at all of the youth nationals and I hope the family plays in a Swiss someday.


When not working or playing bridge, I like to play the piano and be on my skis - jet in the summer and snow in the winter. Last spring I got to be in the pit band for Cats, with my daughter playing Grizabella, and this spring I look forward to being in the pit band for South Pacific.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Bridge Accomplishments
7th in 2013 Roth Swiss, won 2015 GNT-A, 2012 District 6 GNT double (Open and A), 2011 Machlin Pairs, 2nd in a club game with my daughter when she was 11, won 1998 Devon Duplicate
Regular Bridge Partners
Stephen Drodge, Lynn Shannon, Cris Barrere, Robbie Hopkins
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Diamond Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Double Room at Sheraton Memphis
Why don't you just cancel the room?
A hand of yore
Well, yes, but you are at least somewhat likely to go down anyway. They lead a diamond back on the heart lead, now you can ruff one and hope they are 7=2 with the spade Ace with the short diamonds. I guess 8=1 works as well as long ...
Double after partner's pass
In addition to the ones for which I voted, I would certainly double 5) if NV, and would often double 8) if NV. In both cases frequency of doubling would be IMPs < Matchpoints < BAM.
Number 73 buses
Were the New York subways run by a private company, no doubt they would do something similar to maximize customer service efficiency. Given that they are run by a governmental agency, we are happy when the trains do not collide with one another.
Yellow Systems - A Dire Discovery
I'm confident the ability to rip the cards in a symmetrical fashion is an ability no human has. OTOH, I get a quite delicious mental image from the idea of frightening the opponents by ripping the cards. For some reason Jack Nicholson seems to be part of that mirage.
Score Adjustment
"Better to double with exactly four spades and bid 2 with five." I have partners who like this and man, do I hate it. The value of this distinction at this stage of the auction is minimal. I know the opening bid in this case was 1, but ...
Score Adjustment
I think N/S should get -450, and E/W -470. East's failure to double 1, even if he thought it natural, and the subsequent leave-in of a two-level takeout double overwhelm the failure to alert at the table. I'm unsure if my judgment is consistent with ...
Yellow Systems - A Dire Discovery
To the extent the regulations are written in English, it seems appropriate to use the proper words.
Yellow Systems - A Dire Discovery
"By partnership agreement an opening bid at the one level shows either three cards or more, or two cards or less in a specified suit" Until the rules of bridge allow ripping cards into pieces before playing them, the language should say "two cards or fewer."
Number 73 buses
On the behavior (or, I suppose since it is in London, behaviour) of the buses ... it is a well-known instability actually called the bus instability. Say you have two buses on the same route that are spaced fifteen minutes apart. At one stop there are a lot of people getting ...

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