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March 20, 2015
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Balicki: Open Your Eyes!
As a lawyer (IAAL), I would like to point out that the way Justin et al. are presenting their evidence is exactly the way they would be permitted to do it in a real court. In court, when a criminal case is being tried, the prosecution is not, initially, allowed ...
Balicki: Open Your Eyes!
What are you suggesting here, Ed? That maybe someone else cold-decked a board that he knew Cezary and other experts were going to play, to see who was good enough to get it right? I might be able to believe that, if it had only happened once. But Cezary has ...
Bridge in popular culture and literature
I don't know whether Maugham played bridge. However, he is often credited with a quotation that seems apt at the moment: "Monaco is a sunny place for shady people."
Experiences with cheating?
Many years ago, at the old Bridge Center of Northern Virginia, there was a man who liked to cheat as declarer by revoking. This happened on hands where it was obvious that dummy had been set up and would take the rest of the tricks, or supply as many discards ...
Is 1!S-1N Game forcing permitted on the GCC?
The rule in question, forbidding a forcing 1NT response to 1M that guarantees invitational or better values, goes back to the cheating scandal of the late 1970s involving Dr. Richard Katz and Larry Cohen. (For those who don't know, this was not the more familiar Larry Cohen who wrote ...
Difficult Ruling
Kit Woolsey said: "I think we can all agree that the only two conceivable bids North might make are pass and 3♠." Is this really true? There are other bids in between 2 and 3, and in this auction, the only thing they might mean is to show ...
2-way checkback in a Precision frame (1!D = 10-15, 2+ !D)
Anyone who wants the pdf files of the system can email me at, and I will send them.
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