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John Moschella
John Moschella
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Sept. 23, 2012
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March 15
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Bob Dennard, Susi Ross, Paul Dennis, Tanus Aksu, Scott Weiss, John Brady
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Orlando, FL and Deland FL.
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Gold Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Ethical problem
If partner had stiff spade how could they be thinking about what signal to give when they have no choice???
Ethical problem
Yu if player had stiff spade and 4 hearts then when they win ace of clubs they would return a heart which it sounds like everyone would now assume is a singleton but also could have been 4 card holding. Although I believe when Q is played or returned clear ...
ACBL Player Results now Courtesy of The Common Game
Are some if not all the links you are talking about the links to see the daily bulletins at tournaments. Something that has saved the regional I chair significant money over the last few years.
"The Game Itself"
Sure my first regional pairs win with I believe approx. 250 pairs back when 1 event a day paid about 25 gold and now can win 30 in a 15 table game with a side gold rush. Not sure how this relates to actual achievements. Yes players will average more ...
"The Game Itself"
"Yet, I think most would claim that the accuracy between masterpoints & accomplishment were far more closely aligned decades ago than in today's era." Why would one think this?? When I first started circa 89 I thought more masterpoints meant better player but eventually realized this wasn't true then ...
REACH vs. Sectional: One Solution
Jeff, Although your district may have approved your table count loss due to reach I am not sure that I would have considered reach on Friday the reason your table count wad down 7 tables although may have some impact. Last year you had 141 tables over the 3 days ...
Answers to previous two polls and two new questions
1. In the eighteen years from 1995 to 2013 the number of ACBL sanctioned clubs shrunk by how many? Again not sure where this question is going. In my area there were either 5 or 6(possibly more clubs) that all moved to a single bridge center. Originally they all ...
Answers to previous two polls and two new questions
Question: What percent of the 2,850 sanctioned ACBL clubs hold a sanction for at least one weekly novice duplicate game? Answer: 5%. What is the definition of a weekly novice duplicate game. This percentage seems low but maybe their are enough clubs that can only have a single session ...
Answers to previous two polls and two new questions
Question: On average, what percent of students who start out as beginners in a sanctioned ACBL club's teaching program eventually wind up playing in that club's Open duplicate games? Answer: About 3%. At our club they run a couple of beginner bridge programs a year. I do not ...
Duplicate players
I think the question is flawed since their are many players who play at clubs for any years but do not play in open duplicate games. I know of one local club where the limited game went up to 1000 points and was being discussed to go to 1500.

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