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John Moschella
John Moschella
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Sept. 23, 2012
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United States of America

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Bob Dennard, Susi Ross, Paul Dennis, Tanus Aksu, Scott Weiss, John Brady
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Orlando, FL and Deland FL.
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Insufficient Bid
The problem I see if x is considered a compatible call and opener had AKJx Qxxx Axx xx I would expect a heart call since they know they have a heart fit but may not have a spade fit.
Junior bridge: My $0.02 worth
Jeff, I believe email numbers was number of college teams entered in the collegiate so far this year and the number of youth K-12 courses that ACBL subsidizes. Why would you think numbers aren't correct. Now if you have programs not requesting subsidies from ACBL then I would suggest ...
Bridge goals and resolutions for 2018
Stop making my partner frown.
Winning Pair Event Versus Team Event
1.) Not the creator but I would expect to give a reason for people to play more bridge. 2.) Expect non ACBL what you don't win money?? You win points. 3.) encourage people to play more bridge. Give in incentive to get better
Winning Pair Event Versus Team Event
I did look at tournament form Fargo and I can see. Seems like the factor for open pairs which was set to 3X the number of tables which was done to limit the award so when 15 tables in open and 100 tables in gold rush didn't want an ...
Winning Pair Event Versus Team Event
Peg, I have not seen this bid of a disparity in Florida Regional tournaments but could see the case if team game is small enough. Maybe 1st, 2nd in pairs only grater than 2 session team game. I do see this to some extent in sectionals where 1 session pair ...
Masterpoint Survey
Although I am reading a lot above where the change in masterpoints have gravitated players away from knockouts I am not sure this is always true. In Florida many sectionals are now running bracketed swisses. Increases the payout in the top brackout significantly (although limited to 3 places). Many long ...
Masterpoint Survey
Jeff, There are 16 teams in the top bracket. The top team has 200,000 points. The 16th team has 15,000. Are you saying both teams deserve the same award if they win the event. I believe the answer is no bu that will not work in the world ...
Winning Pair Event Versus Team Event
Why?? The bottom 25-30% in the pairs game will get no masterpoints when most if not all teams will get some masterpoints. If the bottom is different why should the top be the same.
Winning Pair Event Versus Team Event
What one may not be taking into account is although 1st place in a pairs game is playing more than the team game with the same amount of tables the team game averages more points per table since teams that win a match will get masterpoints. So typically the average ...

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