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John Moschella
John Moschella
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Sept. 23, 2012
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Dec. 6
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Bob Dennard, Susi Ross, Paul Dennis, Tanus Aksu, Scott Weiss, John Brady
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Orlando, FL and Deland FL.
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One Disillusioned NLM
When Joe bid 7N he believed his partner held the ace of diamonds, between the time he bid 7N and the time he realized it appears that it may have been directly related to how long the hesitation may have been. Joe was influenced by the UI that it took ...
Question about incorrect claims.
So when you compared with teammates and they told you the defense of the other pair you now realized you could have taken another trick and therefore should not have accepted the claim. Not sure what technical rulings should be but seems like you should not get a trick if ...
Lebhar IMP Pairs in Memphis
I always liked it Fri/Sat. Nice continuation if you queued for the NAP. Now I either need to qualify with someone with a Platinum qualifier or less than 10K so that we can play something more than a regional if we qualify.
Calculations of Master Point Awards
Why I didn't play in the LM pairs? Winning the 3 day LM pairs would pay 190 points. $50 per day entry fee +150 per day for hotel. I can play in Regionals $26 per day, $99 for hotel and can win 36 masterpoints per day. so if LM ...
Share your favorite bidding system highlights
Please choose what you prefer to play and have played at some point in time. How do I choose an option in the 1 when I have played all 3 options at one point in time and I prefer to play my partner's card.
Use of UI
xxx Axxxx ATx xx And I am on a finesse for slam. Wait partner opened and cooperated over my spade splinter. How can I not keycard.
"Playing Up" - An open letter to Jay Whipple
Actual think this would be a valid solution. When I first started playing in Boston area. Regional had flighted pairs and either 0-99 or 199. If all of gold rush moved into open pairs then I expect would not be an issue. Local club had a 0-1000 pt game and ...
The Death of Teams
Yes but I expect that pair was an exception. Yes pairs are paying more since "gold rush" adds to them significantly. I actually believe that teams are reducing not so much based on masterpoint shifts but in smaller tournaments the bottom of the top bracket is moving to teams bringing ...
The Death of Teams was path on live I used. Probably did not pull in last day swiss for some reason. I agree top team in Raleigh but your suggestion implies that team awards should pay more than they do now to be more in line with what ...
"Playing Up" - An open letter to Jay Whipple
Response to Jeff #2. A bracketed Swiss concept is to play all the other teams which is why it is limited to 9. We have run open Swiss and bracketed B/C/D and the bottom of the open usually is not very happy. Less overall awards than a bracketed ...

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