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John Newman
John Newman
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Nov. 3, 2013
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Feb. 16
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Favorite Bridge Memory
Absurdly played to pin stiff-jack offside by leading out Q from Qx with AT9xx in dummy, which paid out and produced three overtricks. When I could have claimed 13 tricks by cashing out after a discard made my hand high, I began pitching the overtricks (produced by a progressive squeeze which I didn't completely comprehend) so that I could retain a loser to endplay lefty with at trick eleven. This allowed me to force a stepping-stone to finesse-opposite-void ending, which I wanted badly, having discovered Terence Reese books.
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Best books for defensive carding agreements?
Does anyone know where I can track down a copy of Marshall Miles' "Defensive Carding"?
(North Shore) Sydney – Club recommendations?
The strongest session on the North shore is Thursday night at North Shore Bridge Club, which you register in advance for (tournaments run over a number of weeks). If you are willing to cross the bridge, Monday nights at NSWBA as Kieran said, which you also register for in advance.
Colin Baker's lead problem: 3 3 J97652 AQJ83
Out of curiosity - what do players expect from South's 3S call?
Winners, Not Losers
Agreed - examining the cause of disasters / departure of sense is very rewarding. IMP forensics!
Weak bridge club (ethics story, just for fun)
I'm curious about the full hand and play too
A satisfying hand
I envy the brevity of that analysis. I think players who can boil a hand down to its rudiments are in a fantastic position to avoid fatigue in long events. Can it be taught Nick?
A satisfying hand
I was wondering if anyone would question the odd choice of discards :) Pitching to stiff ♠Q is a tangly choice which guarantees a fun ending. Either you get a stepping-stone, he gets forked, or you drop a queen. That's more fun than spade-spade right? When I noticed that half ...
A satisfying hand
Almost... but no! There is a perfect play available.
John Newman's bidding problem: K3 AT764 AT86 43
But doesn't the absence of spade noise also suggest partner has a heart shortage (he systemically has a shortage), and won't know that a stiff is OK opposite ace-fifth? That was the one of my excuses for overbidding
John Newman's bidding problem: K3 AT764 AT86 43
Cheers. At the table I forced to game, imagining juicy minimums that would pass 3D and make game, but I think that was highly aggressive. On the actual hand partner would have moved over 3D anyway: ...

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