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July 20, 2018
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Responding after 1 suit - "X" with 10+ points
Trying to keep it as beginner as possible (but this covers so much, thank you). What happens when partner open 1S and I have 10+ points and no support for opener (one card support for this question)? Maybe I'm just not reading the entry clearly enough.
League nights
So was this something you did within your club or with multiple clubs? I would hope with multiple clubs, that they would take the lead on filling in spots if people had to miss. Thanks for the feedback.
League nights
Did entire groups/clubs of people not show up, or more like you always needed a last minute replacement for one of the pairs here and there?
League nights
It would work in some areas better than other areas of course. I live in South Jersey, and while the # of clubs here isn't many, I live close enough to Philadelphia and its suburbs, Wilmington (DE), etc. We could find a handful of clubs in a 45-60 minute radius ...
League nights
Let's say it was a 14 week season. You play 7 other clubs both home and away in a given week. Half the matches at home, and half away. Standard per player fee given to the club hosting, no matter where it's held (hypothetically $10 no matter where ...
Club questions
All the links on Hinckley's site seem to be broken. But I do want to spend some time learning all these external movements.
Club questions
I've already set up next week's boards from CommonGame. But I feel I could walk in there next game, convince them that I've shuffled all of them randomly, and they would be split between complaining about shuffled hands and being happy that they think I shuffled them ...
Club questions
Before anybody answers, what do your people consider "random"? In this entire thread, I feel like the average person's definition of random seems to be completely different from the actual definition of random. Sort of the problem I've come into.
New suit rebid by opener
"2NT should be invitational; it definitely shouldn't be "I hate both of your suits" which is a common mistake by weaker players." Just saw this exact happen AGAIN in a game last night, so I had to laugh.
Club questions
So true. We'd start hearing, "Well, the only time you gave N/S a good hand is after E/W was dealer and got to open. N/S then had to pass because I couldn't overcall/takeout X/bid NT. It's not fair." Haha. Like seriously, I ...
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