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July 20, 2018
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Nov. 30, 2018
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Wanted: recommendations for a portable ACBLScore computer
I spent maybe $250 on a refurbished laptop from Walmart. Doesn’t have to be top of the line if you’re just running ACBLscore, etc.
Swiss Teams Instruction Notes
Yes, much clearer, thank you. Still view only, but can definitely easily copy and paste.
Swiss Teams Instruction Notes
Sorry not to get back sooner. I can request you give permission but it’s not open source at the moment.
Teachers, I could use some help
I teach pretty Standard (with obvious basic conventions added). I would love it if there was an free, open-source database of hands to use for lessons, with a description, to be used solely for lesson purposes (no stealing them for published material -- make your own in that case). It's ...
Questions about running a Swiss team club game
My biggest fear is that people can't keep score properly, especially with the lack of knowledge of IMPs. I mean, they can't even follow a Howell movement without getting lost and replaying boards/teams and not noticing. That being said, do you think spending 10 minutes and creating ...
Questions about running a Swiss team club game
What I'm confused about is the 4 boards of 6 or 5 boards of 5 thing. Not necessarily the amount of boards (we do closer to 20/21 vs. 24/25), but the amount of rounds. If you're doing a mini-tournament of sorts with 8 teams (think NCAA ...
Overcalling a Texas Transfer
Thanks for the input!
Placing a whole heap of bidding cards on the table.
Very first game I played five years ago with my teacher as my partner, I open 2NT. She looks at me, laughs, and asks me whether I know what a 2NT opener is as she lays down a 7NT bid. I'd say it happens a ton, relative to your ...
Interesting CommonGame hand from 9/5 Night
Yes, it helps a lot. My apologies. I’m still new to the forums, so thank you for the directions (and the answers above).
Interesting CommonGame hand from 9/5 Night
I will in the future. All the BW layouts I saw wanted a poll. Do you guys care if there isn’t a real poll with it? My apologies.
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