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John Nothdurft
John Nothdurft
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July 20, 2018
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10 hours ago
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Bridge Player
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Club Manager, Director, and Teacher.

United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing with my teacher in one of my first ever club games and I made a 2NT opening bid. My teacher looked up at me, looked down at her hand, then back up at me. "I guess we're going to find out real quick if you actually know what that 2NT bid means," and she laid down 7NT for an easy top.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
West Deptford Bridge Club (NJ); Yorktown Bridge Club (PA); South Jersey Bridge Club (NJ)
Favorite Tournaments
Philadelphia Nationals
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Demanding revoke correction
Not a simplification at all. There was zero benefit from the revoke. He lost all the tricks (in this hypothetical). There’s no trick awarded. Want to penalty point him for purposefully not playing the jack? Then sure. Do that. But the NOS doesn’t gain from it.
Silver week table dues
Thank you for the date. I obviously didn’t see that email the first time around but definitely got it.
John Nothdurft's bidding problem: AK872 42 AQ87 T5
We play standard, so opening 1 shows 3+ and 12-21 total points. Minors are either 3-3 or length is longer than length with no 5+ card major.
John Nothdurft's bidding problem: AK872 42 AQ87 T5
I was the opener, not the responder. I just posted this question from the perspective of my partner. He doesn't know that I'm slightly light on my opener. All he can expect is 12-21 points with the standard opener.
Convention cards
I started this email after a back and forth with one decent player today. Turns out he's had their convention card done for a long while but didn't realize how to connect it to his partner so it would come up when playing with the other guy. I ...
Convention cards
Thank you all.
Alertable vs. Announced vs. Non-alertable
That's definitely the be all / end all that I use. But many people still don't want to read through it all. I'm looking for things that say "Michael's Cuebid - Not Alertable" ... "Jacoby 2NT - Alertable".
Are there still clubs who haven’t transitioned online?
I ask because probably half of our club members that are currently playing refused at first because "it all looks so complicated" ... those are the players that are absolutely hooked right now. That being said I'm in NJ near the epicenter of everything dangerous right now, so people are ...
Bidding in competition (when all players are bidding)
Whatever the points are, I jumped to 3 to block out the opponents from bidding. I'm just trying to figure out what the normal bidding guidelines are.
Help with Virtual Club Game
Very good recap and explanation by Jonathan. This is problem the #1 important thing for new VACB directors to understand setting up a game. It's caused a lot of problems getting people on. Also, remind people to have money in their accounts if they plan on playing in a ...

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