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John Nothdurft
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July 20, 2018
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27 minutes ago
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bridge player

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Completing the transfer after interference
I bid NT with 5+ card suits (majors OR minors) often.
Completing the transfer after interference
Let's say, hypothetically, that partner wanted to re-transfer at the 3-level. Would we require 8+ points? Can one re-transfer at the 3-level, or do most people play that as natural once there's an overcall?
Simple queries
What system are you playing?
Alerting ... how much information is too much information?
Do they staff that number around the clock? The games I direct are all night-time games (east coast). I'm curious what good calling that number at 9pm would do for me. Thanks though, I didn't realize that was an option where I could get somebody pretty quickly.
Blue Over Red Boards
Thanks, I've been using these boards for the past many years, so I don't often think of all the different options that are out there:
Alerting ... how much information is too much information?
A 1 bid doesn't deny a 5+ card suit the way most people at my club play it. A 1 bid denies a 4+ card major and guarantees 5+ . The 5+ is part of that explanation. For example, you could open 1 with ...
I see nothing in the OP negating situations where finesses could be allowed to work in all directions at all times (situations where everything is on-sides). Therefore, you can deduct at least a king from each hand. This might be the answer for 13 guaranteed tricks though, but what happens ...
Blue Over Red Boards
Don't most boards have a written vulnerability description in addition to colors?
Alerting ... how much information is too much information?
Then it seems that we have a bit of disagreement to the answer of this question in this thread. This means I didn't waste my time asking a dumb question, which makes me happy.
Alerting ... how much information is too much information?
1.) Sorry, I assumed for the sake of this forum that everybody knew who's in charge of making an alert. 2.) That's what I was thinking, but that's why I brought the question to this forum before giving a full answer to the players who play it ...

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