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John O'Connor
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Oct. 11, 2015
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about me

I am currently on my 5th bridge episode. The earlier episodes were brought to an end by moving to a different city or country. I have played bridge in England, France, Germany, Belgium and now New Zealand.


I have been playing in Auckland since early 2011. Until around Easter 2016, I was just a now and then club player with a range of partners and the occasional success. More recently, I have found myself in a position to play in a number of tournaments as well as in club events and my success in tournaments means that I find it easier to get partners to play in more tournaments.


My tournament results are improving and I am bringing home a steady supply of bottles of wine and small cash prizes. My biggest win to date was in November 2017 when I was carried to first place in an 8B open pairs tournament by Stanley Abrahams - a regular contributor on Bridgewinners. That success led to a news report on the New Zealand Bridge website which described me as a rising star - I will try not to let that go to my head but I will be happy if it helps me in my partnership quest.


January 2018\n


New Zealand

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Tony Forrester turned up at the Cambridge club with his sponsor for practice and came second. Guess who won?
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Auckland, Akarana
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New Zealand National Congress
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One board - two decks
You are quite correct except for this: It was a 2 day event. I do not know if the boards were re-dealt for the second day. I did not see a dark green board numbered 13 on the second day so I cannot comment but somebody may have. I do ...
One board - two decks
The TD hinted at the likely cause of the problem. One card in Board 13 Dark green was damaged and could not be used. A fresh pack was then used to replace the whole deck and the 51 good cards from the old pack were then put in a drawer ...
Bridge vanity license plates
New Zealand has a big culture of personal plates and there are several on display in the Auckland club car park. I'll not post them as they are not mine but they include ones that start AKQ and 7NT.
Cheating case from the chess world
Almost correct Mike. The device was not a radio and it did not need a false tooth. You would need a natural tooth with a cavity of the correct size that had a conductive surface covering. It would look like a filling that needed a repair. No electronic circuits needed ...
ATB - Sanity Check
We may or may not agree with East's 2 overcall but I think that we will all agree that it is entirely plausible that a player might look at their cards, consider the auction and make that bid with the East hand. Can we say that West's ...
Aren't you sick of reading about bad director rulings
It has snowed exactly twice in Auckland since records were first kept by European settlers. Once in 1937 (I think it was on a Thursday) and once in 2011 - I have a photo of that somewhere.
English-German translations
When I moved to Munich, I learned a lot of German bridge terms, My favourites were Marriage and Kleine Marriage used to describe holdings of KQ or QJ in a suit. You can see these and more on this page:
Bridge Magazine RIP?
I never really understood why they did not put the online version onto the Kindle platform.
Which Movement Do You Prefer with 7 Tables?
For me no. A cane is great for people who have trouble walking steadily. As I said, my problem is that the strain of getting up out of a bridge chair is too much for my knees to take. I'd need a hoist.
Which Movement Do You Prefer with 7 Tables?
> Steve Tyer > I often wonder how many really need a stationary table. I would give a lot of slack to anyone asking for a stationary assignment. I can drive to the club car park and get out of my car and walk confidently to the playing area. If needed, I ...

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