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John Portwood
John Portwood
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Aug. 23, 2011
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57 minutes ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Now in Mid 50s, have been member of one bridge club for 40 years - and pretty well play in the one club. Married with one youth and work in insurance.

I like to think that I am a highly ethical, polite and considerate to partner and opponents.


United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Overcalling a multi 2D on a six card spade suit - only to find that that was the suit intended.
Bridge Accomplishments
Winning a pack of 6 mixer drinks in an EBU magazine competition
Regular Bridge Partners
Professor WJ Zakrzewski
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Favorite Tournaments
Don't play in any.
Favorite Conventions
My own!
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Bid after partner's break in tempo
Aaran - it makes no difference whether the choice was successful or not. It depends on whether there were logical alternatives to the choice made and whether the choice made was demonstrably suggested by the BIT. In the EBU White book, a slow double suggests a willingness to have it removed ...
To Show or Not To Show?
Our software (not bridgemates) flags possible unusual scores at the end of the evening. Even if a table haven't chosen to remain the TD can e-mail them and get two answers as to what happened before allocating the masterpoints and local points. During play, I defintely prefer to have ...
Salvaging Some Matchpoints
No! The #pause for thought# begins when you realise you have made a mechanical error, not from the moment that you did actually make the error - in fact under the 2017 laws the phrase 'pause for thought' is vanishing and it is made clear that a slip of a tongue ...
Defending Flannery
The nice thing about Flannery is that it keeps Tournament Directors in business adjudicating UI cases when the 2 bidder forgets that they aren't in fact playing 3 weak-twos.
Winning matchpoint strategy
The director maybe should have looked a bit further into the Insufficient call (although he was quite right to admonish players because he hadn't been called. Long stares are IMHO sufficient to draw attention to an irregularity.) If your partner intended to replace the 3 call with 4 ...
Deja Vu
Did you agree with it?
delayed XX runout showing a 3-suiter alertable ?
I agree (in fact I didn't see it when I went through the book, so had to apologise when this was raised on the BridgeBase forums) However it is not up to the poor TD to write up the rules - merely to implement them. I think Frances has some ...
Appeal from Kansas City
There is no law against playing poor bridge - just consequences. I'll amend that - if your actions are a 'Serious error unrelated to the infraction, wild or gambling' then you keep your poor score. PS that changes I believe to:- (e) If, subsequent to the irregularity, the non-offending side has ...
Should I be lookiing to report this behavior? (Part 1)
You are missing the fact that there has been a potential breach of bridge procedure for which a penalty should be assessed - pour encourager les autres.
Appeal from Kansas City
Please note that law 16 does not apply if a player asks for an explanation of the 'opponents prior auction'. (20F 1 and 2). Note that 20F 3 says that a player may ask concerning a single call but law 16B1 may apply. So the inference is that law 16B1 ...
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