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John Prokopiou
John Prokopiou
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July 23, 2012
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Oct. 11
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Bridge Teacher
about me

Greek player (since 1983), director (1993) and teacher (1996).

In 2013  my wife and me we left Athens. Now we run a (very) small hotel in Hersonissos, Crete so since then we play occasionally


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WBF is this alertable
“everyone that plays bridge realises 2♥ shows spades as well” If this statement was true, this thread would not exist. Given that they both made by the same person, we face here an impossible situation!
I don't get it. You accuse him for his consistency? You just want to remind us that he doesn't give a penny for this forum? Or you just want to make clear that anyone who disagrees with majority's opinion should be damned forever?
A GNT Debacle: Too Many Winners
" how can a team win the round robin and win both matches and not win?" One more proof that bridge is miraculous
Tough bidding challenge for BOTH partners
The only suitable distribution to justify a splinter (and not 3♥ or something else) is 4-1-3-5, not the one you suggested, especially at mps. When partner promises length in both minors, I believe that weakish hands with 6(5)♠, 6♥ are more frequent than 4-1-3-5 hands with 7-9 HCP.
Tough bidding challenge for BOTH partners
There is no splinter imo at such a bidding sequence (when a jump shift at level 3 is made by opener).
Tough bidding challenge for BOTH partners
1♦ 1♠ 3♣ 4♥ 6♥
Crunch Time
Among the "scoundrels" were people such Themistocles and Aristides. I copy: "Ostracism was crucially different from Athenian law at the time; there was no charge, and no defence could be mounted by the person expelled" Ostracism was a quasi-democratic institution and served mainly as a weapon against political enemies.
Crunch Time
“…According to the OP there is currently no-one registered who they would not play against, although there was at one point. So isn’t this still a theoretical discussion right now…?” Yes, it is. A Cavafy's poem comes to mind WAITING FOR THE BARBARIANS "What are we waiting for ...
Crunch Time
In a tournament with many sessions, the probability to start a session with a poor result is highly probable even for a world class pair/team. So according to Neuberg formula (I didn’t know the name): Let’s assume that a pair or a team gets a poor result ...
Venice Bridge Tournament. Harris Pairs Withdraw.
Why not to extend to the future teammates of their teammates? Following your reasoning: it seems difficult to believe that the teammates of the teammates aren’t aware of what was going on after playing together for years.

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