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John R. Mayne
John R. Mayne
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Aug. 31, 2011
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Came in second in Australian Bridge bidding forum in 2013.

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Cheating on BBO
I investigated cheating on OKbridge from 1997-2001 or so. I threw off over 150 accounts, and that was without statistical tools which would have been helpful. It's 100% doable to find and burn down cheaters. Most cheaters are... not good. I caught a couple of high end cheaters (and ...
Peter Gill's lead problem: KT5 9643 A96 T82
This seems like a book problem with a right answer.
Question on basic 2/1 style , after 1S-2C
Rainer, I think those are different - I would open 1 on the first and respond 1 on the second of your examples, but after 1-2 I would rebid 2D on AKJT8 J432 KQJT because 6D is way more likely to be a good idea than 6H.
Bypassing a four-card major after 1m opening
I think nothing will gain with Zachary's hand, but it's just not trying to not bid 1S over (presumably) 1D. (Likewise, as opener, 2C-2X-2S rebid seems correct - and more likely to work at finding a double on the way.)
How should the director adjust on BBO?
David, I don't agree. Let me say on the dumping problem: Yes, that's on the rulemakers. Dumb rules lead to dumb behavior. Sportsmanlike dumping has been a thing for a long time. But this has practical considerations. We have to do SOMETHING with the hands. We can throw ...
When they did the update, the tracking went away. Mine also got cleared - quite unfortunate.
What Does a BBO Competitor Look Like?
"Totally awful," at business seems an overbid by a ton. Let's chart the history: 1. The opening salvo for online bridge was probably Sierra, which quadrupled their prices one day and went away. 2. OKbridge came in and owned the world. 3. A bunch of people promised lots of ...
ACBL Nationals Online
Cheating prevention online is a hard problem. At one point, I was probably the foremost expert in online bridge cheating (working part-time for the aforementioned OKbridge from 1997 to 2001 or so.) I guess it's possible that I still am, but I sure hope that's not the case ...
Seeking tips for playing against BBO robots
I'd love to read a writeup!
Seeking tips for playing against BBO robots
I disagree with Cornelia and Phil! Skilled manipulation is useful and several common bot-bashing tactics have positive EV. (Phil and I are both qualified to speak on this, though Phil has an outright win of a 'bot NABC so... yeah, he's qualified.) But: Declarer play is absolutely critical - people ...

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