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Oct. 8, 2010
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Looking for a hand record - 1972 Olympiad, QR3.
I have the official handbook from the 4th World Bridge Team Olympiad, but alas only the semifinal and final hands are completely reported.
10 card Solid or almost solid suits.
Famous hand from GNT in Chicago a few years ago. A A Void AQJTxxxxxxx
Contested Claim
ACBL has put out a set of videos on the new laws effective September 2017. The link is The first video deals with laws 68-70 claims and concessions.
Strong Club System With Reasonable MP Utility
Dang spell check..... Bob Sundby is the author (system played by Katz-Cohen in the 1970's).
Strong Club System With Reasonable MP Utility
You might look at Bob Sunday's Breakthrough system (strong club-4 card majors-2/1 NF). Some of the stuff isn't allowed in general chart events (1NT unlimited in response to 1N opener, 2NT opener showing solid minor). So, clearly modifications are required, but it has some answers to your ...
3 card major suit responses
This is from the GCC responses and rebids. #7. ARTIFICIAL AND CONVENTIONAL CALLS after strong (15+ HCP), forcing opening bids seem to be specifically allowed. Does this mean anything goes over a strong forcing 1 bid? That's certainly the way I read it. Paul Friedman in a prior post ...
3 card major suit responses
7. ARTIFICIAL AND CONVENTIONAL CALLS after strong (15+ HCP), forcing opening bids and after opening bids of two clubs or higher. (For this classification, by partnership agreement, weak two-bids must be within arange of 7 HCP and the suit must contain at least five cards – See #7 under DISALLOWED.) It ...
Punish un-convicted team members?
How does the recent Denver Swiss episode fit into this proposal? If not, why not?
Open DC Discussion Thread
Actually there were 91 entrants in the Spingold field.
Open DC Discussion Thread
Higher remaining teams in the group move up one spot. In your example 40 takes over 21, 55 takes over 40, 74 stays put.
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