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How would you rule?
No. When the ECHR entered UK law (in the form of the Human Rights Act), all forms of capital punishment ended.
Is 4333 a semi-balanced distribution?
In the Blue Book, "balanced" is not defined anywhere. The only statements approaching definitions of "balanced" and "semi-balanced" in the Blue Book are buried in two rules: 7E2 relates to defences to low level opening bids "Any bid which shows a semi-balanced hand (i.e. with no singleton, void or ...
Is there a sound mathematical basis for this?
I take your point about him not holding all 3 aces. The difference is how likely the leader is to lead the K if he holds KQ + A (or KQ + K). In the 3-ace prob he chooses an ace at random, but in the formulation Kit and I used (and ...
Is there a sound mathematical basis for this?
It's approx 50% after he takes his first finesse *and it loses*, but the first finesse may win. Initially the odds of both finesses losing is significantly less.
Is there a sound mathematical basis for this?
[this post should have attached to the thread above] In your 3 aces problem, the probability that the leader has no other aces can be worked out as follows. There are four possibilities for which aces he holds, given he has led (without loss of generality) the A: A A ...
Is there a sound mathematical basis for this?
The answer to the question "Given West has 11 unknown cards and East has 13, what is the probability East has both A and K given he has at least one" is 6/17 (i.e. 12/34) not 12/23. Proof: Call A and K ...
Viking Club 1M-1NT question
Tarzan Precision does (or at least did) use this too.
Cashing out
The (English) standard when playing MUD is to lead 2nd highest from xxxx and continue with 3rd highest (i.e. MUD once you have xxx left). With 5 small one leads 2nd highest and continues with the smallest.
What is wrong with this picture?
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