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2!c With an Unbalanced Hand
@BH In England -- KQxxxxxxxx KQ x cannot be described as "strong" since it has neither 16+ HCP nor 12+ HCP and 5+ controls. This is a precise if somewhat arbitrary legal restriction introduced in the last few years. A basic EBU rule is that you can't agree to open ...
Different Systems
This is an interesting idea. Skid Simon tried it (against all opponents, and with full disclosure beforehand) and scored over 50% at matchpoints, though he was probably a much better defender than most of the field. I'm tempted to try this sometimes as a way to get, say, 40 ...
If I open 1!C, can I rebid 1!S with Four !Ss after 1!H overcall?
Your right - sorry I miscounted. This is a pass in that case.
If I open 1!C, can I rebid 1!S with Four !Ss after 1!H overcall?
If you're playing 2/1 you are presumably playing a SNT, so isn't this hand a 1NT opener? If you had a weaker balanced hand you can pass here and with 18-19 you (generally) bid 1NT. Opening 1suit when you should have opened 1NT often leads to "impossible ...
The case for zero-max IMPs - part 2
SB: These are both good points, though if the method is used with 1-winner scoring then costing the opponents IMPs does represent a gain for us though not against the other players sitting our way. Another problem with this form of scoring (which I thought was interesting at first, but ...
The case for zero-max IMPs - part 2
DB: The way to convert to 1-winner is explained in the previous thread.
I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore
This. It's impossible to say if 4 was chosen based on UI unless we know what it and alternative bids by advancer would have meant.
Ruling fron Eastbourne
If you think 3 asks for a club stop because "that is how sensible people play and we are sensible people", then you believe you have an implicit agreement. It doesn't matter if this is the first hand with partner X. If they don't alert then (my ...
Opening 1!D with 5clubs and 4diamonds
I see your point - if 1 garantees 3, maybe the entire clause 4D1 does not apply. Also perhaps it isn't "canape" if 1 followed by 2 very rarely has shorter diamonds as I'm sure is the case here.
Opening 1!D with 5clubs and 4diamonds
@RG p15 4D1 has a long paragraph relating to prepared or short 1 or 1 openings. My understanding (which may be incorrect of course) is that this is intended to cover balanced or semi-balanced hands which have to open 1suit(*), not unbalanced shapes. The crux is that in ...
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