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John Storey
John Storey
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Dec. 5, 2012
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about me

I started playing bridge in 1980 and have played on and off since then. Now I just play a couple of times a month and the odd tournament now and again. I play a forcing club system with weak NT


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Having someone look at my convention card and here them say, “Oh you’re playing my system” and finding out your opponent is Dave Berkowicz. He was right :-)
Regular Bridge Partners
John Ellis
Member of Bridge Club(s)
The Cavendish Bridge Club in Toronto ON
Favorite Conventions
1 Heart Relay
ACBL Ranking
Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Recommended defense vs. 2!h = 4-9, 4+/4+ majors
Should they not be providing a defense?
Ronald Vickery's bidding problem: AKQ82 KT84 AK6 2
In my partnership, once trumps are agreed and we are forced to game then no trump bids are trump cue bids. So here I could bid 3NT to show the Ace or King of spades. Admittedly this does come up more often in a forcing club system.
Maybe this was only a local club rule but I’ve been advised that Suction can only be used against a forcing club bid and not a strong NT. I’m guessing in open events it’s not the case.
Mark Jones's lead problem: A87 864 QJ72 J98
I wonder if NAMYATS is on the card
Adam Grossack's bidding problem: KQ83 J9 K984 Q73
Is lebensohl on the card?
Can Eser Yurtsever's bidding problem: T9x A9x KJT Axxx
Not sure if Lebensohl is on the card?
Any sort of announcement etc. required?
TBH I don’t get it either but since we started asking questions this is what we got. In ACBL land I’ve had people tell me that they dislike big club systems, and some of these people direct clubs and tournaments here. My partner, who prefers KS, has been ...
Any sort of announcement etc. required?
Not that anyone asked, but at our regular game (the best game in the city not on a Sunday :-)) we are now required to alert our 1 1 and 1 opening bids. No pre-alert is required. Can’t wait till the next tournament to see what we ...
Any sort of announcement etc. required?
Thanks to all for your input. We played today in the New Year’s Sectional pairs in Toronto and the director advised that we must pre-alert this by explaining our system before the round starts to indicate that our 1 1 and 1 bids promise an unbalanced ...
Upgrading, disclosure and ethics under the laws of bridge as promulgated by the ACBL (2017)

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