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The return of the who's to blame series
I blame North, especially if P = 0-5. Why not 2S over 2H? Did he think Dbl showed the Majors or long clubs? And after South's reopening Dbl, North should bid at least 3S, if not 4, especially with his 5th spade.
Odds on Doubling
True for you, but what about partner?
Odds on Doubling
Doubling often makes the defense easier - you really desired to play 1NT doubled. Partner will expect more strength than if you pass.
Postmortem Analysis of March 2020 Bridge World MSC Contest Results
For Problem H, I don't think it's about deception. The 6 is too valuable a spot when dummy has 4 hearts - you are hoping for the king or ten from partner. I also managed 790, only missing Problem E - 1S instead of 1N.
Is the auction over?
He did ask "That's it?". Just tell him that's not it and the auction continues.
The value of videos
Next step is to get rid of the screens when video recording is used.
Response to Maximal Double -- What does it mean?
Answer not given. I'd say you are accepting the game try but want a club lead if they keep bidding. Same would apply to any other suit.
IMP Pairs?
I'm not a fan of IMP pairs - just a few hands can determine the winner. They make even less sense at regionals, where there are plenty of team games to play in.
What is the right thing to do?
This is a long-time partnership playing a big club. They shouldn't need any special treatment or kid gloves. I've passed a forcing club before and only seems fair to live with it.
Support doubles after 1!d (1!h) 1!s
When 1S shows 5 spades we've always played the support double shows 2 spades. Raise with 3 or 4 spades. Why tell the opponents how good your fit is? They'll just push you to the 3 level when they know you have a 9-card fit.
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