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John Stubbe
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July 29, 2010
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Undo or No undo ?
"not many would allow it" Perhaps you should look at the poll results again...
Quote found on Bridgebum
I have a vague memory of Hamman saying he "always sat South for column reasons" (so they didn't have to transpose the hand :-) )
If I decided not to bid 3N with the north hand, 4D = 'choice of games cue' seems best. We started using that treatment ten years ago (after hearing many in bidding contests bemoaning that they weren't) and have yet to regret it. BTW, at MPs, 2D surely doesn't ...
What is Normal?
It's not a bad habit to place a high trump on the table as you claim.
How much extra is required for "seriousness"?
Never skip a cue (3S here) to bid Serious. Responder has no extras for the 2/1, so 4C, and you should get there.
How much extra is required for "seriousness"?
Richard - I would have agreed with that when we first started using Serious since it was without Last Train. We resisted LT initially ("What, it doesn't show a control?" until the value sunk in. What the latter does is add significant flexibility (30+%?) to your auctions, since you can ...
How much extra is required for "seriousness"?
Any serious conversation about Serious needs to include Last Train. The two working together are extremely powerful, and it changes how you think about Serious and slam auctions in general. Other slam tools influence/work together as well (courtesy cues; trump suit cues; Italian cues shortness bids, etc.). First, Re ...
1z rebid by opener after 1y response by passed hand.
What David said. We actually describe it as a virtual force, or 'ostensibly forcing', with full explanation if asked. We don't alert the 1M call, but if partner passes, we do.
1z rebid by opener after 1y response by passed hand.
Have played a 1M rebid as forcing for years with no regrets (partner is allowed to pass if he responded with a sub minimum (though will usually to raise with 4cs)). We use a jump by opener in the second suit to be a 5=6+ hand, with non-reverse values ...
Jacoby 2 Nt Responses over interference
Similar... many system auctions are "step auctions" - Jacoby; keycard; Ogust; compacted splinters, etc. In those, for the reply (and the next ask in keycard) pass = 1st step; dbl or redbl = 2nd step; next suit = 3rd, etc. While occasionally, it may not be the most optimal, it's easy on the ...

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