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July 29, 2010
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Those Pesky Opps
There are a variety of auctions where 2N in competition sounds like either an attempt to play there or for the minors, so we have a default that "If 2N could be for the minors, it is."
Different Defenses Against No Trump in Direct vs. Balancing Seats?
Not exactly your question, but at matchpoints, using DONT, where the primary objective is to get a good declarer out of 1N, we vary the strength significantly. In the pass out seat, "the lighter the better", since partner is marked with cards that sit over declarer. Axxx, Qxxx is enough ...
Passed Hand Jump Shift
Fit showing, but only because we use 1S-2N and 1H-2S as compacted mini-splinters BPH. If not, we'd prefer to know where the shortness is (else Drury 4cl balanced).
Encrypted Quantum Sweep Cuebids
We actually use that to get out at 5N (Matchpoints only) in major suit keycard auction missing two keys (5N = play after a queen ask and denial.)
Asking about Keycard Response
Ethics question aside, play the suit correctly. Ace first, since you can pick up Q9xx onside.
13 tops but how do you get there?
Same... I'd just add that 3C also carries the message "if you're thinking of slam, you won't be disappointed in my hand" (light opener context).
3NT or 4 Hearts?
Simulation: 1000 hands, DD: North: 18-19, balanced, five diamonds max 4H made 64% 3N made 47% North: same, but 2=3=6=2 allowed 4H - 67% 3N - 51%
Too weak to reverse but holding 6m-5M, which suit do you open with?
Two related treatments we've been using (primarily at matchpoints) for a while: 1. Since (for us) 1x-1y; 1M = a virtual force, a jump reverse (to the two level only) = just an opening bid. 1m-1H; 2S. With a full reverse, we rebid 1M and pattern. This at least covers some ...
As many tricks in NT
We did the same simulation with the same result for balanced-balanced. It's even better for NT if it goes 1N (15-17) - 3N (13+) w/o even looking for a major, as they often lead one of ours. Side note: The simulations for 1N-4N, 1N-4N; 6N; and 1N-6N favored 6N ...
Do you play Drury?
Similar - since we open all 11 point hands, by a passed hand: 2C = decent constructive+, 3cs (3D = art inv) 2D = constructive+, 4cs, balanced 1H-2S and 1S-2N = invitational compacted splinters, relay to ask 1H-3S and 1S-3N = compacted void

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