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July 29, 2010
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As many tricks in NT
We did the same simulation with the same result for balanced-balanced. It's even better for NT if it goes 1N (15-17) - 3N (13+) w/o even looking for a major, as they often lead one of ours. Side note: The simulations for 1N-4N, 1N-4N; 6N; and 1N-6N favored 6N ...
Do you play Drury?
Similar - since we open all 11 point hands, by a passed hand: 2C = decent constructive+, 3cs (3D = art inv) 2D = constructive+, 4cs, balanced 1H-2S and 1S-2N = invitational compacted splinters, relay to ask 1H-3S and 1S-3N = compacted void
Reviving old questions.
We've found the concept/combination of Short Suit Total & Working Points put forth in the Lawrence/Wirgren book "I Fought the Law..." to be very accurate in assessing appropriate level. The advantage of showing shortness (we have many Mini (invitational) splinters as well) is it lets partner devalue honors ...
Reviving old questions.
We use a Kantar treatment that if you show shortness, a direct repeat of the short suit is exclusion.
Jump cue bid over a 1!D opening bid
We tried 1m-3m = Spades and the other minor for a while with mixed results. We often would just overcall 1S instead, anyway, so back to natural now.
A New Bridge Bot?
Perhaps someone could ask Bill Gates and/or Warren Buffett if they would fund such an effort.
How do you act and alert after partner's missbid?
While David's comment is spot on regarding your obligation, there's a secondary issue of what 'lower of the cue bids' means. Is it the lower available, or lower ranking = lower suit (i.e. corresponding suits). Using 2H to show spades here is not illogical.
Am I just wrong?
I use Dealmaster (same simulator Rodwell uses),and it'll tell me what makes/doesn't, and/or how many tricks. It'll also let you compare different contracts e.g. playing 6M vs. 6N at Matchpoints (fyi, with balanced opposite balanced, the latter wins by a lot). We've ...
Am I just wrong?
FWIW, I simulated 1000 hands - 7N made 95% of the time (DD, of course). Criteria for North: = 22 HCP exactly Balanced No four card major 6-3-2-2 and 5-4-2-2 allowed
GNT D. 22 GNT Fiasco. The official ruling
Thanks - I was a "that's nice" Recorder for 10 Years in Columbus, OH. "that's nice" only works in CA, and of course, not there. j

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