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about me

I was a very successful tournament player in the 1970’s, representing the ACBL in four Bermuda Bowls, winning the title in 1977.  My partners and teammates were among the best ever.  My play is now limited to BBO.  I have been moderator of the Western Conference Forum bidding panel for the last seven years.  Check out past issues at:

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Support redouble disaster and missing WC bulletins
At the Boston Nationals of 1970, a redoubled 1NT contract was played, declarer taking all the tricks. After the session, someone came up to Al Roth and asked, “Al, what’s 3110?” In tempo Al replied, “That Stoney’s score when 4000 is average.”
Sometimes opponents make deceptive leads. If you are unwilling to make an assumption about the layout of the spade suit based on the spade ten lead, then please note how it affects your play of the hand. The reason for this post was to analyze what the best play from ...
Stats adjusted in the text.
Grosvenor Gambit & Frederick B. Turner
From a Fred Turner letter to me, March 22, 1992: “... you said you talked to a bridge player who ‘believed’ The Grosvenor yarn. I’m enclosing a copy of a letter I received recently. The sender was a director of our lab* between the late 1950’s and 1960’s ...
Assuming it is worthwhile to give up a natural 3NT opening (whatever that would be) to be able to differentiate between a good four-of-a-major opening and a preemptive one (as I do), it seems better in theory to use 3NT to show the good majors (as Rosalind does) and leave ...
World Championship Books
I have received several buy offers. These items have been listed for auction and won't be sold until the 7 day auction period expires. Please bid if you are interested, but please don't waste your time and my time by emailing an offer.
World Championship Books
That's what the post office charges. If you buy more than one, there is no additional postal charge (by me).
George Jacobs might have some suggestions.
A GNT Debacle: Too Many Winners
Regarding checking scores with one’s opponents: At the 1971 “All-Western Championships” the well-attended annual Regional in San Francisco, the schedule provided for the knock-out semi-finals to be played in half-sessions of 14 boards, to be played on successive days in the late morning. My team, headed by Leslie Tsou ...
Duplicate Poker
These are my thoughts and suggested format for duplicate poker. Concept Poker has become an extremely popular game, both to players and to spectators watching television. The attraction can be increased further by incorporating the feature of being able to directly compare results by having players play exactly duplicated deals ...

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