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John Torrey
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March 28, 2011
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Bridge Director
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Semi-retired as ACBL director after 16 years. Still thinking and writing about the game; no "full time" partnerships

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Three and a half articles by me were published in the Bridge World (1990s). My Bridge Cartoon is st
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Triangle BC, Durham NC
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Efficient bridge thinking tricks, and how to learn them
If I had a Bols Tip, it would be "Lead first through the short hand." This combines "what should I do" with the "what's going on" because you have to figure out the short hand to apply it, and that leads to considering the distribution of the unseen hands ...
Goran Drazic's bidding problem: Ax J9x AKT9x AQx
One reason is that you can "fast answer" a number of polls without viewing the whole problem statement.
ACBL Tests Online NABC Event
As I read it, there will not be groups of 18. All entrants will be in the same "section," with the top 18 getting points.
Club Ruling
I was the director. (I told East I would treat his objection as an Appeal and let Bridgewinners decide.) My problem with this suggestion is the cognitive limits of the N-S players. Some time ago one of them needed a ride home. He took out his driver license (I don ...
Unnecessary Squeeze
Page 10: "...a blackout thinking that South has two trumps left..." You mean East, not South.
Play in 5!S
The rest of the story: East had --- 10x 98765432 Qxx You have two spade losers, but each winner endplays West, provided you discarded a club on the first trick (so that one ruff-sluff is enough to establish clubs). You have some guessing if West exits the J. I don't ...
The Choice
Trick 1.
The club 6 appears in both South and West.
Trick One Defense
That's a very good question. I held the hand and became entranced with the converse: when does it lose to play low? when partner has QJxx and declarer lets the 8 win, the suit will be blocked, possibly impeding an entry to dummy's diamonds - and on other layouts ...
Club Ruling
I updated the OP: they would not play 2 as a transfer after an opening 1NT and 2 overcall. The exact situation is not discussed. (E-W are a very regular partnership.)

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