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John Torrey
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March 28, 2011
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Semi-retired as ACBL director after 16 years. Still thinking and writing about the game; no "full time" partnerships

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Three and a half articles by me were published in the Bridge World (1990s). My Bridge Cartoon is st
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Triangle BC, Durham NC
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Why use Neuberg?
I'll pass on the math quibbles. One problem with whatever method is used is that we decide that a difference of .01 matchpoint is enough to break a tie. As I understand it, in the factoring method currently used a difference of .01 matchpoint is essentially created by rounding ...
Is this a guess?
Sorry. Dummy had the 9, not the 8.
Is this a guess?
I knew there was something I was missing. Phillip Martin (and others) has it right (thanks!). At the table I was blinded by reluctance to expose partner's spade holding, and later by resultism. I had the problem and led a heart. Declarer had AQJ103, AQJ7, 8, J53, for whatever ...
ugly insufficient bid over multi 2D
Covered above & withdrawn.
ACBL Instant Matchpoint Game -- E/W Scoring Bias?
In my club board 23 was the most skewed, with no North-South score earning better than 33 instant matchpoints. Second was board 10 (NS top of 49). 13 and 17 were 56 and 58.
ACBL Instant Matchpoint Game -- E/W Scoring Bias?
My club played an 8-table relay/bye stand movement with 24 boards. The instant matchpoint average for all North-South pairs was 46.6 "percent". I drafted a post wondering if others saw the same discrepancy. Stuff happens. That's why clubs have "overall" winners for both directions in these games.
Good ruling?
Ken is correct, thought the OP suggests that there was misinformation. Perhaps I should flog my Modest Convention Disruption Proposal ( more than the very few times I have. Under that proposal, mistakes in artificial 2-suit conventions would count as misinformation, even if mistaken bids.
Sorry for the ATB framing. My friends were looking for help with the deal and I wanted comments on both hands. (Actually 4 is much better than 4, and harder to reach. Still not "cold" though.)
Insufficient Bid -- what is the correct ruling?
I do NOT claim to be the authority on comparable calls, but I do think that this situation is pretty clear. Double (as commonly played in ACBL land, showing hearts) would qualify as comparable. Auction proceeds with no penalties and no further restrictions. I'm trying to work out what ...
"Slip of the Tongue" vs. "Slip of the Fingers"
One reason for the "slip-of the finger" rule about bid boxes is that there was resistance when bid boxes were introduced. I suspect that today you would find more support for eliminating the slip exemptions that now exist than for extending them to played cards. A card laid is a ...

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