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A recent simulation analysis from R. Pavlicek
The article says that for the 100 deals shown in detail, only the 1st 10 and the last 10 were random, and the other 80 were chosen non-randomly because the option chosen made a difference. That makes the 100 deal set decidedly non-random.
How to Use BBO Forums
You can do a browser search for "cover cards" or search for similar terms and topics.
One Law for the Rich?
I'm shocked that the muckety-mucks were forced to sit in a roped off VIP section in full view of ordinary people. Why couldn't the ACBL provide for a completely private dining room with private chef and servants?
New Go Program Facebook was doing some research on artificial intelligence and ran into unexpected results when the chatbots invented their own language. Without constraints, I am guessing the same type of thing would happen in bridge. The bridgebots would invent their own ...
Precision Club Opening Active Ethics
"If" you are going to have regulations specifying specific high card points/suit length/distribution, it should be a bright line rule. Everybody should play by the same rules. Those who are more "creative" in interpreting various rules are playing by different rules than those who take the rules at ...
Precision Club Opening Active Ethics
You only need 10+ HCP to open an artificial 1 bid, however except for an artificial 1, the GCC section on responses and rebids says "ARTIFICIAL AND CONVENTIONAL CALLS after strong (15+ HCP), forcing opening bids and after opening bids of two clubs or higher"
Feedback: ACBL Convention Charts
For Rule of N, I would explicitly list the allowable combinations. e.g. Rule of 20 is satisfied if the hand has 7 HCP and 13 cards in the longest 2 suits 8 HCP and 12 or more cards in the longest 2 suits 9 HCP and 11 or more ...
ACBL Convention Charts: Proposed Revisions
Under allowed openings on the Green chart 2. Any 1C or 1D opening bid showing at least Average Strength. 4. Any 1NT opening bid that is Strong and Forcing.
ACBL Convention Charts: Proposed Revisions
The 10 HCP limit is also on the GCC. The legality of opening 1 on less than 10 HCP has already been debated a lot on this forum. Presumably that argument will continue under the new charts.
ACBL Convention Charts: Proposed Revisions
Under the Green chart under allowed bidding agreement it says "Any 1C or 1D opening bid showing at least Average Strength." and average strength is defined as 10+ HCP or rule of 19. A Precision 1 is allowed. It doesn't look like it is allowed for the White ...
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