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Open Honolulu Discussion Thread
Back to the main point, is Helgemo going to make a show?
Open Honolulu Discussion Thread
You are correct Richard. The story is a myth.
Open Honolulu Discussion Thread
The Inland Revenue didn't want to jail Lester Piggott. He paid his final tax bill from an undeclared bank account. The British revenue service is diligent but relaxed. Unlike its US counterpart. Alan is correct.
Open Honolulu Discussion Thread
Helness was also charged, he is playing in Honolulu.
Open Honolulu Discussion Thread
Where is Helgemo?
Martin Hoffman 1929-2018
Hi Peter, Remember those days in the 90's, duplicate pairs at the Acol on a Tuesday, organised by Chris Dixon? Martin winning nearly every other week. What was frightening is that he knew how the hand should be played from dummy's perspective from trick 1. Hoffman, more than ...
Han Peters's bidding problem: QJ73 KJ52 6 AT53
If we can make 2 of a major there is a good chance that they are going 2 down in NTs Vulcan.
Responder has 2 in partner's major and 5 in partner's minor
I assume responder has a (very) poor hand? Still bidding 2 of a major.
What is partner's signal?
What is your basic system? I assume you are not playing 5542. At any rate, this looks like a poor mp score. I think it has to be attitude. A higher card would have suit preference overtones, depending on methods.
Eric Hamilton's bidding problem: 872 AJ3 J542 J98
A complicated pass over 1NT. You might have missed your best mp score already...
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