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Aug. 27, 2015
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Brink - Drijver withdraws from BB
I am pretty sure that their will be a Dutch quartet with children in tow who will be taking a vacation on the Cote d'Azur this summer somewhere west of Menton.
Brink - Drijver withdraws from BB
I do wonder who will replace Fantoni-Nunes in the Monaco team...
Patterns VI - Suit Combinations
Suppose you test one round of clubs first, and west shows out, is it best to play the double finesse in diamonds now?
BZ v Romania. Crack the Code...
There has to a high degree of rigour in this sort of situation, as close to bulletproof as possible. With the benefit of the doubt in favour of the accused. There will be plenty here advocating for BZ who will scrutinise the evidence with punishing rigour. No one wants to ...
BZ v Romania. Crack the Code...
It is better that a codebreaker has a sustainable hypothesis that is tested. It would be pointless if we have to keep starting from zero.
BZ v Romania. Crack the Code...
Richard, many will overlook what are seemingly innocuous mannerism. It takes hours of careful observation to detect a pattern. Once the pattern is codified by a codebreaker, it is better to try and disprove what has been postulated by another.
Balicki-Zmudzinski May Play Freely in EBL!
Hi Oleg, My criticism is not aimed at Boye, of course not, what he has done for the game may pay dividends for decades. Tend to agree with your secondary point; that the authorities knew the bridge world suspected F/S for years and chose not to investigate. Boye took ...
Balicki-Zmudzinski May Play Freely in EBL!
OK Gene, three years ago you might have been aware of the gossip surrounding BZ, I was not, sorry. To my mind they were a pair in good standing. I just thought that Balicki was a slightly unpleasant opponent with the persona of a bad tempered nightclub bouncer, whereas Zmudzinski ...
Balicki-Zmudzinski May Play Freely in EBL!
Why were BZ ever suspected? Were all the top pairs investigated so thoroughly? It would be good to hear from the investigators. BZ were never suspect in the same way that Fisher-Schwartz were. If it is because of their success at short suit leads against notrump contracts then I think ...
Balicki-Zmudzinski May Play Freely in EBL!
No one is going to develop a cheating system based on what cards they touch in dummy when defending. To believe such a contention is farcical. Balicki is highly febrile when playing bridge.
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