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Just a few responses to the recent comments: Peg - no apology necessary. Your feedback has generally been both constructive and informative, and has helped me out. Hamish - indeed you are correct that this discussion is not making any further progress. David - Sheesh indeed. Steve - a well structured argument. But in ...
Max, no apologies were necessary or expected from you, but thanks anyway. I can understand how my suggestion regarding banning 'psych' bidding in stratified games could be interpreted as asking for "protection" but that was not my intent. I do understand that stratified games can also be open games, and ...
Thanks Max for your polite and constructive comments and suggestions. Unfortunately, in my experience anyway, those two attributes are far too often missing from contributions on Bridge Winners. The suggestions you made, and follow-on commentary from others is very interesting. The idea of expanding the range of limited events, and ...
"John - I wouldn't venture out into big-time poker anytime soon if you just can't stand bluffs." Whether "sad" or not, I have described my bridge exploits over the past 20 years with 100% accuracy. The quote above is highly relevant to this discussion, but perhaps not in the ...
A BRIDGE FAIRY TALE _________________________________________________ ACBL LAW 40(A)1(a) - Players’ Systemic Agreements - Partnership understandings as to the methods adopted by a partnership may be reached explicitly in discussion or implicitly through mutual experience or awareness of the players. _________________________________________________ Once upon a time there were 2 bridge players ...
This whole subject is pretty murky I would say. I happen to be a card-carrying member of the Larry Cohen school of thought regarding psyches, namely that there shouldn't be any, period. I thought that the idea of the duplicate game (compared with rubber bridge) was to try to ...
In response to Spencer Hurd, I appreciate the advice regarding how to deal with a purported psych bid such as the one we were presented with. Of course, the main problem at the time was that the bid was so totally unexpected by partner and I that we just got ...
Again, I appreciate the feedback received on this thread. Some further thoughts below on a few of the responses: RICHARD WILLEY “Its pretty damn sad when someone starts their post stating that they are a "Life Master" and then tries to claim that their lack of experience with basic elements ...
I would like to thank everyone who has responded to this thread. It has given me much food for thought, although I am disappointed that nobody has made a post with even modest support for my starting position. But ce la vie en bridge. While it may be simplistic, I ...
How standard are these psych bids?
While it seems that Ken Cohen is no longer contributing to Bridge Winners, I hope that he will be able to see this response. I just want to let him know that I am completely in agreement with his position regarding risk-free psyches. You can call me Tonto :) My partner ...
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