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Nov. 25, 2016
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Can responder pass?
Kit, one of the options was "responder can pass 3". So, since you agree responder can do that, it's not GF for the purposes of this poll. It's clearly GF on opener. So we agree bridgewise, but not semantically.
Is this offensive?
What would Simon Cowell have said?
USA2 Final, Segments 3 and 4
Very different to over a precision club. Opener has described his main distributional feature, so your risk of being penalised is much higher. Also, it's much more likely that partner will end up on lead (there's a known 5M on his right), so doubling to get a club ...
USA2 Final, Segments 3 and 4
In a tournament of this length, players get tired. Brad had to choose whether GH had made a small error, giving him the spade count, or GH had made a 3 level overcall on a 5 card suit on a 4225 shape where he could presumably have doubled 2C to ...
Peter Hasenson's lead problem: T652 KQ9 KT2 854
Let's go for the trick one Merrimac coup.
Bidding over vulnerable preempt.
Wasn't sure I could give multiple versions of double. I wanted split out x intending to pass and x intending to move. What does "flagged" mean?
Bidding over vulnerable preempt.
Maybe - I wasn't told the pips.
Bidding over vulnerable preempt.
Double dummy sim dangerous here; the play may be quite complicated, and declarer will benefit more than the defense from knowing the layout. If we X and hear 4C I guess 5C is percentage. If we hear 4D, we cue and get to slam opposite 2 KQxxx in Ds and ...
Bidding over vulnerable preempt.
So this implies X and move over 4H is the long run winner when partner has 4H. After 4m, we'll wish we'd passed, as 5m is going off a decent amount, but we might bid some good diamond slams after 4D4S. Once you factor in that on this ...
Bidding over vulnerable preempt.
Lighter X - pull to 7N
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