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Jon Derrick
Jon Derrick
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Nov. 28, 2014
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June 26
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Software Engineer 




MA in Theatre: Writing, Directing & Performance

BEng in Computer Science 

United Kingdom

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Ollie Powell
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Rough 2m | Mini NT
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The It
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Jon Derrick's bidding problem: K92 643 A87 AKJ2
2M would have been natural with extras. 2N would have been 11-15 3=1=4=5 or 1=3=4=5. (1 can be a canapé) He will be 54+, either minimum opener or extras without a splinter.
Jordan/Truscott 2NT
We play a transfer structure after 1M - (X) from 1N (showing clubs) upwards, so: 1M - (X) - 2M-1 as 3+ 1M - (X) - 2M purely pre-emptive 1M - (X) - 2N as 4+
direct seat overcalls 1NT
Over 1m - (1NT) we play Asptro: 2: and another, 2 and another Natural after 1M - (1NT)
Convention Analysis
My intention with this was to produce something that allows a player to analyse where their convention produces gains and where it doesn't, you could argue this might just be results merchanting, but I think it could produce some useful information. Granted, there are numerous complexities where inferences are ...
Convention Analysis
I think simulations are quite important when it comes to choosing a new convention, as our late squad manager always says "I think this is one for the simulation". I could quite easily implement functionality to generate hands and maybe add the ability to add parameters to measure the frequency ...
Jon Derrick's bidding problem: AKQ2 J865 965 93
This is more a sanity check for me regarding what east actually did
English tournament entries
I wasn't aware of how popular it proved at Easter, it was more a proposition of moving it to a place more suitable/accessible to the majority - I think perhaps Brighton/Eastbourne has contributed significantly to attracting different juniors based on who can get there and who can't ...
English tournament entries
I'm unable to attend this year's event because of other unforeseen commitments, but having experienced the event last year, I was finishing the final weekend already saying I doubt I'd attend for the whole week this year, if any of it. In terms of from a junior ...
Jon Derrick's bidding problem: J AJ2 9852 A8542
2 is just Kokish. I've taken this hand from a Camrose match that was on Vugraph, so it's the player's methods so I'm not 100% sure. Speaking in terms of my partnership, we generally bid 2 waiting on all negatives/semi-positives. I think control ...
Rowland Reeves's bidding problem: JT42 AKQ7 9 A976
3 as an artificial general slam try in

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