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Jon Green
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Sept. 6, 2010
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Living in Melbourne Fl

United States of America

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Iris' kitchen
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Norm Rubin, Al Stauber, Ed Spear, Joan Gerard (rip)
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Saratoga Regional (when I lived in NYS)
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2/1 NV preempts are undisciplined
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_________________ 2 over 1 (except 1!D / 2!C)
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Jon Green's bidding problem: K865 A84 6 AJ842
So maybe he's 3=4=3=3 with strongish holdings in the unbid suits. Even with a double diamond stop they may be able to set up the 4th and 5th diamonds in time to beat 3NT and I don't think a double stop is guaranteed.
Jon Green's bidding problem: K865 A84 6 AJ842
After 1C 1H 1S 1NT a 2H bid would show a non-minimum thus the immediate raise. The point of the diamond footnote was that he usually won't have diamonds that are equal or longer than hearts when he has a game forcing hand.
Meaning of 1NT rebid after a fourth hand double?
Best play for 6C
Steve Bloom above proposed the winning, and I believe correct in theory, line. If we're playing a trump at trick 2 the key is to decide which hand we should win it in. Winning in East caters best to 4-0 clubs. If South shows out we play ace and ...
Best play for 6C
BTW this was hand 17 from the 8/20 Common Game. I'll post the NS holdings later today.
Best play for 6C
Frances, North followed with the 9 (standard signals). I also should have stated the vulnerability. It was no one vul.
Peg Kaplan's bidding problem: Qxxx AJTxx ATx x
How about MI? I suspect East missed the opening bid and thinks West opened a Precision 2D.
Jon Green's bidding problem: 74 JT94 T8742 A6
Call it balancing or reopening. To me there isn't much difference. The thing is that if he passes the auction is over. So if it's right for us to compete it's up to him.
Jon Green's bidding problem: 74 JT94 T8742 A6
I bid 4 at the table but it was not a good spot. Partner may have had less than he might have but he was balancing against 3 when he bid 3.
Reaching 7NT after Exclusion
BTW isn't this scoring format totally insane. It seems to have some popularity in the UK but it would drive me crazy to play it. At IMPs we want to play as safely as possible, at matchpoints we are often going all out for extra tricks. Those differing objectives ...

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