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Jon Green
Jon Green
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Sept. 6, 2010
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47 minutes ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Living in Melbourne Fl

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Iris' kitchen
Regular Bridge Partners
Norm Rubin, Al Stauber, Ed Spear, Joan Gerard (rip)
Favorite Tournaments
Saratoga Regional (when I lived in NYS)
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ACBL Ranking
Diamond Life Master
2/1 NV preempts are undisciplined
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Copy to my cards View/Print
Linda James
...................................................2/1 GF
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Copy of Copy of Barry - Jon
_________________ 2 over 1 (except 1!D / 2!C)
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Al O - Jon G
2/1 GF
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Al and Jon
Strong Club, 2/1, frequent upgrades, preempts very weak and undisciplined
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Jon Green's bidding problem: AK32 --- KQT976 AK2
If 3 is really forcing it's clearly best. I didn't think it was. While showing some extras, I thought it would be very encouraging but non-forcing. I'd have bid 3 if one of the black kings was a low spot. And, if that's what ...
Serious or Non-Serious 3NT?
Sure. But the argument is about whether it is better to reverse the way you play 3NT and the cue. The idea is that if you are allowed to cue 4C over 3S with the semi hand, a fitting honor in clubs may let partner take over. If you have ...
Serious or Non-Serious 3NT?
I didn't remember the Rodwell "in the well" interview, but his reason seems the same.
John McAllister's bidding problem: K AKQJT86 3 QT72
It might be right to bid here but 5H could go for very large #. And if partner decides to defend that may go badly also. If I doubled and heard redouble on my left I'd be looking around to see if I could sneak out via the closest exit.
Serious or Non-Serious 3NT?
It might be the limited opener who is cue bidding. Say: 1Maj-2X 2NT -3Maj or responder to a strong club. Say: 1C - 1S 2X - 2S 3S if playing natural responses. I know you play a lot of artificial sequences after your club but there must be some auctions where opener ...
Serious or Non-Serious 3NT?
IIRC, Steve Weinstein said in an interview that he plays Serious. The reason was that if the non-Serious cue bid hits partner he might then be able to drive to slam.
Any suggestions re bridge books for bright 4-5 year olds
He's probably safe for now, but I'm sure there's someone out there.
Any suggestions re bridge books for bright 4-5 year olds
Thanks everyone for the advice and suggestions.
Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: JT87642 Ax Ax Jx
Do we play weak 1s also?
Jon Green's bidding problem: QT954 5 AKQ65 T4
Yes, it would be NF for us.

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