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Jon Green
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Sept. 6, 2010
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Living in Melbourne Fl

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Iris' kitchen
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Norm Rubin, Al Stauber, Ed Spear, Joan Gerard (rip)
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Saratoga Regional (when I lived in NYS)
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2/1 NV preempts are undisciplined
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_________________ 2 over 1 (except 1!D / 2!C)
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Linda James
...................................................2/1 GF
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Jon Green's bidding problem: T7 6 AQ93 AKT732
Well, if I had made a strong jump shift to 2 over my partner's 1 opening, and he rebid 3, my 3NT rebid would be non-forcing. It would show good spades and slam interest but if opener is minimum he is allowed to pass. To me ...
Jon Green's bidding problem: T7 6 AQ93 AKT732
That hand is close to cold for 7NT opposite this South hand. I think it might be too good for a non-forcing 3NT. I would have rebid 3 with that.
Jon Green's lead problem: KQ75 8 Q982 J872
Hilarious. I guess I should have known they weren't going to end up in a diamond contract.
Jon Green's bidding problem: T7 6 AQ93 AKT732
3 would have shown a spade hand, so 3NT should be an attempt to show a spade hand in a more descriptive manner. I was North and playing partner's preferred methods in a fairly new partnership. This sequence hadn't come up before so we were winging it ...
Jon Green's bidding problem: T7 6 AQ93 AKT732
That wasn't discussed but I think 6 is more likely. With 5 North would probably bid more slowly as there would often be alternative trump suits for slam. I guess 5=3=3=2 was possible.
Jon Green's bidding problem: K865 A84 6 AJ842
So maybe he's 3=4=3=3 with strongish holdings in the unbid suits. Even with a double diamond stop they may be able to set up the 4th and 5th diamonds in time to beat 3NT and I don't think a double stop is guaranteed.
Jon Green's bidding problem: K865 A84 6 AJ842
After 1C 1H 1S 1NT a 2H bid would show a non-minimum thus the immediate raise. The point of the diamond footnote was that he usually won't have diamonds that are equal or longer than hearts when he has a game forcing hand.
Meaning of 1NT rebid after a fourth hand double?
Best play for 6C
Steve Bloom above proposed the winning, and I believe correct in theory, line. If we're playing a trump at trick 2 the key is to decide which hand we should win it in. Winning in East caters best to 4-0 clubs. If South shows out we play ace and ...
Best play for 6C
BTW this was hand 17 from the 8/20 Common Game. I'll post the NS holdings later today.

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