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June 4, 2013
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Right to Counsel
I wonder what it takes to get "one strike" called? There are plenty of Johnnie Cochrans out there, who use courtroom histrionics to obfuscate the facts, and manage to get guilty clients free. We don't need that.
Right to Counsel
There may be a distinction between having an attorney "representative" and an attorney "advisor." The former would risk turning the proceeding into an adversarial one; the latter would help protect the accused's rights. So I say let the attorney be present, but able to speak only to the accused ...
Board 1 from the 04/21/2015 Common Game
Not knowing that a 2D by South would be new minor game forcing over North's 2C rebid, my partner bid 2H as a way of moving the auction along. Having the 4th suit (diamonds) stopped, I naturally bid 3NT. East, deterred from leading a heart, led a 4th best ...
Board 2 from the 02/09/2015 Common Game
I disagree with the suggestion that N balance with 1NT. North wants a diamond lead if East becomes declarer. The way to get that is to balance with 2D. Risky, yes. But worth the risk at matchpoints. East continued to 2S, my partner led a diamond, and when the smoke ...
Board 1 from the 09/12/2013 Common Game
Do you have a suggested auction following a 1NT opening bid by North? Many pairs are doing that despite the 5-card major.
Board 11 from the 08/06/2013 Common Game
Under what circumstances would responder not have room for two bids after 2D? Given that opener's rebid will be forcing for one round (excepting a 2NT rebid), there is no reason for opener to rebid higher than 3D (which should be avoided if possible. So, at the second turn ...
Board 5 from the 08/06/2013 Common Game
Given the magic hand you postulate, playing Jacoby 2NT, opener would rebid 3D, after which responder would show the heart A to launch the slam investigation, easily arriving in 6S. Given the second hand, using the Wilson 2NT, the auction would go 1S - 2NT; 3C (minimum) - 3D (tell me more ...
Board 5 from the 08/06/2013 Common Game
North announces a minimum opener and South, with a flat 16, is still interested in slam?
Board 11 from the 08/06/2013 Common Game
I don't understand the advantage of using 2H as a double negative. It conveys no more or less information than using cheaper minor as the double negative, and opener can jump to the right contract over the cheaper minor just as with 2H. And using 2H comes with a ...
Board 1 from the 06/03/2013 Common Game
This hand illustrates why I like Mike Lawrence's 2/1 approach to opener's rebid. He recommends that rebidding the major at the 2 level (2H here) says nothing except "I have no better bid, partner, please tell me more about your hand." South can then bid 2S and ...
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