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Jonas Houmøller
Jonas Houmøller
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April 11, 2012
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My Dallas Dreams, Part 2
Great win! What a joy to read! We are very lucky in Denmark - Christina will be the new chief editor of 'Dansk Bridge.' We have a lot to look forward to!
The Treacherous Traps
Great lead and great story!
Mario Fonzo's bidding problem: AK84 K AQJT KQ43
best bet here seems to be catching partner with a 4+card minor suit and heading towards 5 of a minor. 2N best start by far in my opinion although I have only 4-4 instead of the normal 5-5+...
Can you make 6!Hx?
Looks like I have to play East for something like: 1) KJ8xxxx, 10xxx, void, Ax 2) KJ8xxx, 10xxx, QJx, void (any three diamonds) If 1) I have to play to the jack and club up. Eventually ruffing a spade in dummy and getting two club tricks. If 2) I ...
Jonas Houmøller's bidding problem: QJ76xx --- x KQT7xx
No not H10, but he had 3D's and two hearts. Diamods 8-3-1-1
Jonas Houmøller's bidding problem: QJ76xx --- x KQT7xx
6D bidder had: - KQJ9x AKQ10xxxx - Bidding 6S was a cheap sac (500)
Jonas Houmøller's bidding problem: Q54 Q54 KT95 AKT
3N was only making contract. Partner had: AK10x J9xxx Jxx Q
6-5 majors
I bid 3 at the table thinking that pard should be well placed now to evaluate hand - Any major suit honours plus the minor suit aces are good news. Any minor suit trash is easy to devaluate. After all Kx of spades and AJxx of hearts gives a near ...
6-5 majors
Board was played at IMPs, so you can assume that.
Garbage stayman problem
Exactly! I'm not saying 2N is a thing of beauty, just that I think it is the right matchpoint bid for reasons already stated... As things have gone a pass to 1D would probably have worked out much better, but you didn't know that when u bid 1N.

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