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A Reply to David Yates' Articles
I've typed in and erased two lengthy responses/commentaries, but I'm sure nobody wants to read a long one. I think the quote under discussion may be about Goren in earlier, better times than his last Nationals appearance in 1967. If you keep reading Mr. Wolff's book ...
Pop History: Kids Win Big Bridge Honors (Billy Rosen and Milton Ellenby, Life Magazine, 24 August 1953)
If you want a rabbit hole to go down, I think that all of Life magazine's back issues are readable on Google Books.
1D or 1NT? My marriage is on the line...!
Not that I would never do it or consider doing it, but with my luck opening 1NT would either (1) end in the wrong contract where the right one could only be found after 1, or (2) find partner with 5-5 majors expecting a fit in one of them ...
More baseball and bridge
Here's a Goren story from Sports Illustrated about him playing with the Dodgers (using a trunk in the locker room as a table) as they were leaving Brooklyn:
Richard Tracy
IIRC, only Vitamin Flintheart (anyone remember that character?) ever called him "Richard".
Richard Tracy
Yes, Richard is Oswald Jacoby. And I'd be willing to bet that his teammate in some of his thirties triumphs in the database right now "Bruce Chester" is actually David Burnstine/Bruce, and "Elizabeth Hopkins" is Michael Gottlieb. Howard Schenken doesn't show up if you search for him ...
Richard Tracy
And all on top of an illustrious career as a crimefighter... (Edit: Somebody in ACBL IT is having us on with a made-up name while they're detecting (see what they did there?) why many people are not showing up in the winners database.)
Winners of national events
Caveat: that page seems to have some flaws with respect to older data. For instance if you try to search for Oswald Jacoby you won't find him, and if you look at events from way back (even into the 1970s, at a quick glance) you may not see all ...
Bridge Books of Yesteryear
I agree with the Blue and Gold books’ importance and have them in my collection, however they’re still so easy to come by that I wonder whether a reprint is necessary. I was thinking of the rarer works that were starved for oxygen by Culbertson in their day (on ...
Bridge Books of Yesteryear
I’m not sure which of these qualify as worthwhile for bridge reasons rather than as historical artifacts, but in no particular order: -The first edition of the Encyclopedia of Contract Bridge that was published in 1935 (by the Culbertson organization, the ACBL’s first edition was not published til ...

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