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Aug. 26, 2017
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Old USBA "Top Score" Cup Found
The USBA was a bridge league set up by the Culbertson organization in the early '30s; it merged with the American Bridge League (formerly American Auction Bridge League) led by William McKenney to form the ACBL in 1937. According to the Encyclopedia, the USBA was set up to run local-to-national ...
Prelude to Bermuda Bowl-1959
Not that this is material to anything you've written, but the US team that lost second place to Taiwan in 1969 was not the Dallas Aces. It was Kantar, Eisenberg, Goldman, Hamman, Rapee and Lazard; so, some members of the Aces but not all. I'm not sure what ...
The History of History (Part 1)
I remember him mostly for his role as the "Gruppenfuhrer" of the Illinois N**is (in case that word is verboten) in "the Blues Brothers".
If Looney Tunes Had a Team
What about Porky? And the Granny who owned Tweety (obviously a LOL)?
Pop History: The Hating Game (Murray-Kehela, The Canadian Magazine, December 7, 1974, by Alan Edmonds)
You're welcome. Searching for this material brings up a lot of interesting stuff from the past; I'm collecting quite an archive in my Google Books account.
Flannery Disclosure
That's Bill Engvall's tagline. You still make a good point, though.
The cost of a bridge game
I must admit I now want to go there and take in a bridge must be good at those prices!
What should the selectors do?
I agree with the sentiment, but someone still has to do the work. Call them something other than a selection committee if you like, but it doesn't happen on its own even if it's rerunning a script that has been run for X years already and hoping nothing ...
Bad Habits of Intermediates
All roads may lead to Rome(x?), but some require scuba gear.
The cost of a bridge game
I'll provide the amounts at what Google says the exchange rate with sterling is today. I live in a large-ish city in Canada (approx. 1.3 million metropolitan area, in a close three-way tie for fourth-largest in the country). The bottom of the range for ACBL-sanctioned games seems to ...

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