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What killed American Bridge--a Poll from the Year 2040.
I answered the first one, which is why I think people aren't taking up bridge, and "other" to account for the fact that people who do play bridge are participating less because of advancing age/health issues more than anything else. The bracketing/stratification issues debated here may influence ...
Modified Baze
The Four Aces in the US started doing something very similar somewhere in the late thirties or early forties. It wasn't in the system book they published in 1935 but Goren mentioned it as one of four "expert variations" on standard bidding methods in his 1944 "Standard Book of ...
Modified Baze
Mike: a groomsman is to a bridesmaid as the best man is to the maid of honour i.e. additional male attendants. You have to suit up, but you don't have responsibility for not losing the rings. Numbers vary according to how big a wedding party is planned. I ...
Do you add 1Hcp for all 4 Aces?
Goren did the four aces +1 adjustment for NT bids as well, it was the only adjustment he applied in those cases. It's on the first page of the chapter on point count for NT bidding of his "Point Count Bidding in Contract Bridge".
Jeopardy Star - James Holzhauer - Plays Duplicate Bridge
After the first commercial break in Jeopardy, there is (is there still? I haven't watched in years) a "human interest" segment where Alex Trebek talks to each contestant about something personal to them like hobbies or achievements (they must have to provide this sort of information when they become ...
Do you add 1Hcp for all 4 Aces?
Goren's distributional count had a lot of little adjustment rules that codify hand evaluation principles better players apply subconsciously. On this hand I don't think I would open 2NT but I'm not offended by the thought. I doubt many people apply them anymore because Goren is no ...
What's going wrong with Gatlinburg ??
Or that it has a safety factor of two (one in aerospace).
A Reply to David Yates' Articles
I've typed in and erased two lengthy responses/commentaries, but I'm sure nobody wants to read a long one. I think the quote under discussion may be about Goren in earlier, better times than his last Nationals appearance in 1967. If you keep reading Mr. Wolff's book ...
Pop History: Kids Win Big Bridge Honors (Billy Rosen and Milton Ellenby, Life Magazine, 24 August 1953)
If you want a rabbit hole to go down, I think that all of Life magazine's back issues are readable on Google Books.
1D or 1NT? My marriage is on the line...!
Not that I would never do it or consider doing it, but with my luck opening 1NT would either (1) end in the wrong contract where the right one could only be found after 1, or (2) find partner with 5-5 majors expecting a fit in one of them ...

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