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Jonathan Cohn
Jonathan Cohn
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Jan. 31, 2011
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July 13
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Bridge Player
about me

I live in North East Wyoming and enjoy playing bridge.  When I'm not at the table, I like playing games with my kids who are 11, 10, and 4.

United States of America

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The House of Cards and The Omaha Bridge Studio
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Gold Life Master
Precision with artificial positives. We upgrade bal hands w/good 5cd suits
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Jonathan and Billy
2 over 1
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Cohn - Reetz 2/1
[big]2 over 1[big]
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Entries Close June 5 for June Reynolds K.O.
71 Teams.
More ! commands
I'd like to see someone create some phone software to automatically generate the suit symbols in my texting app when I use dhs.
Need help trying out an unbalanced 1!d/1!h/1!s approach, please
Just posting the initial opening bids and responses here is of limited utility. People need to understand your standards for one bids are significantly higher than normal and that your intermediate two bids take up a lot of the slack. There is a lot of interest in Martian Standard and ...
Need help trying out an unbalanced 1!d/1!h/1!s approach, please
I am a long time big clubber but after watching Auken-Welland and Clayton-Gumperz, I really like the 1 on balanced hands and 1, 1, 1 unbalanced style. If I was starting a new partnership with a new system, I'd give this a go.
What do you play 1!h-2!s as showing (playing 2/1)?
I like playing it as a 3-card heart limit raise that was unwilling to risk a semi-forcing 1NT. 1-2-2NT by opener asks and responder bids: 3 Shortness in Clubs 3D Shortness in Diamonds 3H Shortness in Spades 3S 6 cards in Clubs no shortness 3NT 6 cards ...
What do you play 1!h-2!s as showing (playing 2/1)?
Good point, no plus.
Soloway-style Knockout (Round-Robin Qualifier) #2
Teams can sign up here:
Final Call-Online K.O. by Tom Reynolds May K.O.
Ovunc, were working on it. Some of the early issues were because the bracket ninja did not work how we expected. Hopefully you will find the process better in the future. I think we're learning from past challenges. A couple of things the team captains could help us with ...
Bridge-Loving Celebrities
My guess is Peter Hollands.
Online K.O. Tournaments by Tom Reynolds-May K.O.

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