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Jonathan Cohn
Jonathan Cohn
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Jan. 31, 2011
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about me

I live in Omaha. Nebraska and enjoy playing bridge.  When I'm not at the table, I like playing games with my son and daughter who are 6 and 5.

United States of America

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The House of Cards and The Omaha Bridge Studio
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Silver Life Master
Cohn - Clements
[BIG] Precision with transfer positives [/BIG]
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Jonathan and Billy
2 over 1
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Cohn - Reetz 2/1
[big]2 over 1[big]
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Larry Cohen 2/1
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I'll add my voice to those who think we should reduce regionals. I know it is politically difficult but it needs to be done.
Hawaii NABC Needs Your Support
Does Omaha have enough rooms and floor space to hold an NABC? I was on the Unit Board when we looked into this and there were not enough hotel rooms, close enough to the convention space, to satisfy the demand for an NABC. There is a reason the NABCs are ...
Hawaii NABC Needs Your Support
Jan has it right. Acting like the ACBL can just rent some space for the games and everyone can stay wherever they want cheaply is incredibly naive. The room block and hospitality purchases are essentially a requirement to be able to use the ballroom space.
Do What Is Possible, Not What Is Easy
A successful civil lawsuit resulting in a monetary judgment in the United States would certainly make it much more difficult for cheaters to ever play bridge in the US and get paid for it. The money required to pursue such a suit would be significant to many but probably trivial ...
Melanie Manfield's lead problem: K862 K9 7 AQ9764
You know what Garozzo says. :(
Tablets with a table feel
I have several times considered buying a Bridge+More dealer system to use in home games and with friends. Every time my group has decided to just use tablets and avoid the expense. I like the fact that the tablets give us a full record of the hands and that ...
Mixed Open Pairs Final - Session 1
Enjoyed, ty. Did the hand record situation ever get resolved?
If Looney Tunes Had a Team
"Hmm, feel the force flowing around you. Many possibilities the future holds. Multimeaning 1C can be. 12-14 balanced. 15+ with clubs. 18+ any. " -Said with best Yoda impression.
Master Points for Foreign Players
Greg, that is outrageous. The ACBL should be ashamed, as should Mr. Lebioda.
Rich Newell's bidding problem: AQ952 A952 K98 3
Traditional Jacoby 2NT has serious issues. I would recommend finding an alternative that allows opener to better describe strength and shape. I am a fan of this version written up by Larry Cohen:

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